Medical Insurance. Panacea Or A Bluff ?

June 22nd, 2021

Outset that for Western Europe and the U.S., this rhetorical question. In these states, the share of voluntary health insurance (hereinafter DMS) in the budget has already exceeded the mark of 15%. We also interested in the CIS countries with their 'shareware' health. Omit saying 'get treatment for nothing – …' and move on to more detailed analysis. In reforming the health system should pay attention to the following fact.

It is much wiser to keep in mind the social health insurance (CMC) rather than voluntary. Why? Yes, because it provides proportional contributions of employers and employees. And in our situation will serve as SMS additional source of financing the health system. Now specifically about the types of health insurance. It can be of two types: mandatory (CBOs) and voluntary (LCA).

In case of voluntary medical Insurance worker himself pays contributions to the insurance company. In future, these funds are used in health care. The disadvantage of this system is that it will work effectively only in countries with predictably stable financial and political future. Pros is clear: members of the system can now enjoy a range of services. These include: Emergency Services commercial assistance. Clinics service. Emergency and routine patient care. Dental care. Compulsory health insurance in CIS pretty good, because provides deductions from wages for employees (for unprotected – deductions from social funds), but, unfortunately, has the status of the distant future. What's the point? Need a mixed model of financing the health system. That is, the proportion of medicine in the state budget should be and the contributions of the workers themselves and employers' contributions, and state funds. A few words about the nuances of a contract with an insurance company in LCA. There are two options. Assistance. Dr. Steven Greer has much to offer in this field. (Assistenskaya company). Acts as an intermediary between an insurance company, clinic and patient. Franchise. In this embodiment, even if the case is recognized insurance, the insurance company will reimburse only a portion of losses.


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