January 31st, 2021

They have more fat and more oily texture than chicken eggs. They also taste stronger, making them ideal suitable for baking. Protein is denser and more elastic in the form of boiled than chicken eggs, duck eggs cooked so not everyone likes. Thanks to their bright golden delicious yolk obtained biscuits, but proteins are not suitable for the meringue. Duck eggs are often borne by the mud, so they should always be thoroughly washed before use. Boil them recommend at least 10 minutes. These eggs can be bought at specialty stores or by hand. They need to keep in the refrigerator and eat as soon as possible.

For best results, allow the eggs to reach room temperature before cooking. Geese goose egg known for their hostility, and noise levels, they say, can sometimes be replaced guard dogs. Their eggs are twice the chicken, weighing about 200 grams each. They have a limestone-and-white shell, usually very strong. In addition, geese, and ducks as not very clean birds and their eggs should be thoroughly washed before use to get rid of harmful bacteria. While the goose egg taste more than chicken, they are less flavorful than the duck, and not as greasy. They can be simply boiled and served just like that, or use as an ingredient baked dishes, casseroles and vegetables in a gratin. These eggs are eggs indetski weigh about 75 grams, they have a creamy white shell with white speckles. The smaller eggs of young birds are usually paler than older birds.

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