January 9th, 2013

These characteristics are presented acentuadamente, occurring a discrepancy of its behavior in relation to the individuals of the same age. For Brown (2007), it is not in such a way the difficulty in the control of the behavior that harms the TDA/H carriers, but problems in the functions central offices in the work memory. According to author, the active memory of work the information necessary to carry through current activities, and to keep information to be decoded in long stated period, recouping information stored in the memory of long stated period, necessary for immediate tasks. This process occurs slowly in carriers of TDA/H, that keep little attention and concentration in the activities, few activating the memory of work, and consequently, storage little information in the work memory, what it provokes little efficiency in the activities. I diagnosis it is carried through by neurologist, psychiatrist, psychologist through anamnese, of the examination Neurolgico Evolutivo (ENE), for scale of behavior, complementary evaluations, using the disgnostic criteria (ROTTA, 2006) presented in the picture following the SYMPTOMS DISGNOSTIC CRITERIA Carelessness * Lack of attention in the school with frequent errors In simple tasks; * Difficulty to keep the attention in works in groups; * Lack of attention to speaks direct; * Errors in following instructions; * Difficulty to finish tasks; * Easy distraction Hiperatividade * constant Movements of arms and legs; * Frequently it raises during the lesson; * To run in inadequate situations; * Difficulty in remaining seated; * Habits of speaking in excess. Impulsiveneness * Difficulty to wait its time; * Interruptions and intromissions in the other people’s colloquies. Disgnostic criteria for the symptoms of the TDA/H, based on ROTTA 2006. It is possible that a psychological upheaval is folloied by other difficulties that do not have primary relation with it, but that they can take the much more complex picture is the calls co-morbidades.


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