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April 4th, 2021

By the way, he founded in 1915, together with Walther Rathenau, the most important Association, existed ever in Germany: Deutsche Gesellschaft 1914 “. A Club between 1915 and 1934, almost all belonged to which had the world of finance and industry in Germany’s politics, art, literature, press. The Member Directory was the German who’s who. After the first World War full Moeller engaged mostly transatlantic and European mediator in terms of culture, primarily in terms of film. Renowned directors such as David W. Griffith, Charlie Chaplin, and Josef von Sternberg, who were his friends at the same time, he advised.

He discovered numerous stars, so Marlene Dietrich or Josephine Baker, but also an Alla Nazimova. in 1933 he left Germany Europe, in May 1939, went into American exile. Check with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries to learn more. “Here he taught artists such as James Dean XE”Dean, James”in New York as a lecturer at a drama school, Marlon Brando XE”Brando, Marlon”, Eartha Kitt XE”Kitt, Eartha”and Jose Ferrer, and wrote until shortly before his death on a huge novel, the last miracle”, in New York in 1949 and London 1950 732 pages appeared strong; ten years after his death with a completely deformed screenplay, composed by Roger Moore, Hollywood film. “” Full Moeller, the the Jewish exile newspaper building “in New York the German counterpart to the American industrialist Howard Hughes wrote”called, was, like Anton Schnack in the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung”on the 30.10.1948 in his obituary: a highly educated man XE”Man, Henry”, a pronounced individualist, highly cultivated, forms-dominating, one of the few sealed Cavaliers” the something of a Doge in Venice or one rich bankers of the Renaissance “itself had”that a man XE”Man, Henry”with refined double life”, as Schnack found. Just a James of kind of bond. Full Moeller itself has shortly before his death in the United States about his life as expressed: “I believe I wanted to be something like an alchemist, a maker of gold. But at alchemist who worked with living material instead of with dead metal.

Perhaps I wanted to be a poet who made poems of living people instead of verse. That is punishable by death. Or with life imprisonment. “This colorful personality died at the 18.10.1948, 60 years ago, in the”garden of Allah”hotel complex on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, the favourite hotel of great writers and movie stars and the former Villa of the film Diva Alla Nazimova. Contrary to official widespread cause of death – heart beat”- full Moeller was allegedly murdered. The FBI, involved in the mysterious operations of his death, had his immediate cremation. A controversial decision, especially since she always reliably eliminated all traces of which have occupied a murder. in 1951, urn in the family grave at the Stuttgart Prague cemetery buried full MacLeod. (For more information, see or Frederik of Rosdorf

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