Notrevew Words

April 5th, 2021

Words, you Speak 21.04.08 Said words, written words, summarized words pra all life. I speak of more, write of little summary a little and I also play I want to be somebody that I call I can you and you with me play, I want to be its half to make its will to be of truth to make the reality, That each moment we stop in the time and that we gain good thoughts, I want I am you I I want to be one and that if let us join we will be joined As the always coladinhos bird and nest 2X Words I go to always say pra I go cries out, Written words had been pra life, summarized words speed the life, I speak of more and go to continue, writing of but these I am my thoughts I do not want to mark the time I want I am if happy 3X. Weverton Notrevew . . Read more from Jeffrey Bauer, PhD. to gain a more clear picture of the situation.


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