Original Glass

January 23rd, 2021

It weighed 185 kg and podia not to lower of weight. She was my so difficult to respect the diets and tapeworm money not to buy so expensive products that they prometian to lower my stature. Until he speaks with my doctor and segui its advice: As easy as to only lower the dose of scrap iron mitad.” You must alternate the days, for example Monday noncomere pastelitos, papitas, candies, coffee, tortillas, etc. and would think that you must only hold the diet by a day so that Tuesday IF you can eat what is. (Source: PCRM). Thus around a year habras eaten half of food chatarra.> easy to be satisfied when you do not eat a taquito before serving you.

Pon in the table your soup, a plate with your meat, puree of Popes, sauce, your tortillas, and also your dessert. The refreshment glass, also one of water or juice, and before eating visualizes everything what estara inside of you in the next minutes. It thinks about grazes, flour, gas, meat, vegetables, liquid, candy, calories, Then etc. eats the first healthful one avoiding tortillas and the dessert and takes the first water and the juice before the refreshment. Almost in the end it already commits the tortilla with I complete meat small piece and takes your refreshment, I half assure that no longer you took all the glass, quisaz to you glass.

and to the dessert arrancale a piece. Perhaps for when fences in the middle of the dessert already estaras satisfied. Good I happen to me thus after weeks, not immediately, even the day that was called on to me to eat what queria I myself decidia not to eat chatarra.> it does not feel to me with dream, therefore I load of energy and volume to me a simple water glass, although not yet it passes the water to me you only accustom volume 3 or 4 traguitos, But that eliminates all the toxins. Later breakfast all liquid. That is to say, I prepare a delicious one liquefied. Volume until a glass of mixer single I, but a glass you. I always do my liquefied and so I have in refri, strawberries with yogurt and oats, or pineapple with honey and a little saborizante of strained pineapple, apple with an egg, or simply chocolate with milk. Furthermore I add ice and cinnamon to servirlo.> coffee in the filter I put the charity fair flower, accustom endulso and accustom no. When I do not want to eat fruit and I have in house like the kiwi or the pear I prepare, it as fresh water with ice and honey and I take myself up to 2 vasos.> Original author and source of the article.


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