Patrician History

January 4th, 2022

It needed to believe that the revolution gives certain in some place in the world, thus to believe that in Brazil, exactly with many slips, also it would come to be real. To put happens what it little wait, if it finds with a hungry child, maltrapilha, with health visibly shaken, asking for almses for the streets of Moscow. At this moment it comes across itself with the naked reality and raw, that its fanatism did not leave to enxergar, she does not consider its maken a mistake fight, but she perceives that nor all the dreams are possible. It suffers in the soul pain not to obtain to see the ideals communist reaching who, in its point of view, would have to be protected: the children. For that she suffered in its life, for the children of the China, had shaken who it deeply, for its son, of which she does not take care of of the form that considered ideal, for the unconditional faith in the cause, great is its disillusionment. The reader suffers with Pagu, cries and if revolt for it.

Suddenly, everything that our eyes enxergam in transcorrer of the reading of this text, blows up ahead of the eyes of it, as real personage of history, a history without rough drafts, without copies, only. It sees itself consumed as person, who everything abandoned to live the proletarian fight, to materialize the communist ideals. All this world fell for land when seeing that child without home, food, health ahead of it. Impossible pra who this reading its narrative, to absorb all the sensible disillusionment ‘ ‘ Then the Revolution if made for this? So that they continue the humilhao and the misery of the children? ‘ ‘ (p. 150). To the reader distresses it is it to know that one is about the real world, and not a fiction very written well.

Pagu does not abandon the party, starts to work with the intellectual production, still collaborates with periodicals and magazines in France. Imprisoned in manifestations of street. It comes back to Brazil and, in 1937, after a conviction of two years of arrest because of it raises Communist, it runs away from the arrest and it is considered dangerous and enemy public of the government Vargas. Although this period is not part of the stories, it is perceived that the life all it was contestadora, courageous and gotten passionate. Strong woman who committed many errors in the life, but all committed in search of great rightnesss, rightnesss these that they reached to many, to the world. Although in its writing, one perceives a minimalista trend, it was much more of what she leaves to be transparent to the same speech of itself. Pagu is deserving to be part of history national politics, but real history, without retouchings. It deserves to be seen by same it, so that if it arrives the proper conclusions, this report it is an invitation that it makes the Geraldo husband to know it better, at the moment that its children decide to publish it, is extended that if they interest for the personages who had marked our history.


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