Pedagogical Formation

January 22nd, 2021

*2 Teacher of disciplines cares of nursing to adult II of the College San Francisco de Barreiras FASB, especialistaem Pedagogical Formation in the Area of Health. INTRODUCTION The mammary carcinoma is more frequent the visceral malignant neoplasia in the women and is one of the main causes of death for cancer, variations of incidences of the carcinoma of the breast in different regions of the world indicate that genetic and cultural and ambient factors are involved in its development. The perfectioning of the mamografia, the use of the surgery, conservatives and the progressos reached for the molecular genetics can be pointed as some reached significant advances. However this article approaches the complications, educations in health, cares of nursing, disgnostic and given lapsings, the patients in postoperative and the psychological one of the surgery of the breast cancer. Therefore it has been of basic importance to the elaboration of the plan of cares, the lapsings and the disgnostic of nursing.

A time that these are essential for the recovery of the patient, for this makes if necessary that the nursing is operating promoting educative actions between the nursing team, making with that the same ones put in practical the cares indicated for the recovery of the same ones. They constitute if as objective main of this study the description of the cares of nursing, detailing the beginning of the cancer of the breast, the definition, the causes, complications, the education in health as the elaboration of the plan of cares of nursing. Therefore it is since the nursing teams place in practical the educative actions, in what it says respect to the cares of nursing is basic that all are involved in the promotion of the recovery of the patients, leading in consideration who the nurse can act as educator, contributing for the health of the same ones. .


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