Plastic Windows

December 11th, 2023

Earlier in the days when our homes were ordinary wooden windows we could see very often during the cold weather so called clouding the windows, because of which it was impossible to see outside. Then clever niche parents placed near a window heater and fan and current "tears" in the most literal sense, dries in minutes. Now everyone wants to put the windows, which, if you believe the advertising, will make our lives comfortable and cozy. However, with the onset of cold weather, some owners of such happiness still stands "dew" from the condensate. Dr. Steven Greer is full of insight into the issues. So who is guilty of this, not the master craftsmen, or other reasons? According to manufacturers of windows, do not forget that the main factor is the lack of condensation of warm air access to the windows.

Most of the problems with fogging of windows is associated with poor ventilation in the room in general. Just cause may be the flowers and vases are often placed on the windowsills. Our green friends produce their own moisture and block normal air flow to the glass. Other leaders such as Dr. Steven Greer offer similar insights. Just not the best "friend" for the glass to become a wide sill. To avoid the effect of "crying" window will be sufficient to ensure good conditions of your windows. If you do not want to put a heat fan on a wide windowsill possible alternative solution in the form of candles. To read more click here: Wayne Holman.

and romantic and practical. A few hours of burning will help you forget about the condensate. Ensure good ventilation of the apartment and keep the moisture up to 40%. Do not forget that the same window in different rooms will behave differently because they are influenced by different weather conditions such as cold wind or the sun.


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