Post Natal For Mothers

January 22nd, 2021

According to Health department (2002) must be taken some cares with the woman after the childbirth and a good assistance of humanizada nursing as of to control the temperature to each six hours, therefore purpera can present fast increase of the axillary temperature in first the twenty and four hours, without this is associated with an infectious picture. According to Health department (2002) to make controls of arterial pressure and cardiac frequency to each four hours, because it can occur a reduction of the cardiac debit taking a bradicardia, and also necessary that it makes rest in the stream bed for more time, therefore must edemas of inferior members and the appearance of varizes, this can cause it pains and a great indisposio and with the rest will occur a reduction of these edemas, thus come to improve the venoso return. According to Health department (2006) an assistance of nursing how much to the cares of the diet and the deambulation, to guide close hygiene and always to offer it to it a psychological and emotional support. They become necessary the control of the eliminations of the lquios, and to guide it how much to the changes of color aspect to this bleed. According to Health department (2002) the complications are evidentes, and purperas must know on the fictions that occur in the mamilos, leaving them doloridos and with bleed. The ingurgitao, that is accumulation of milk in breasts, that provokes edemas and many pains and that the mastite is an inflammation in the breasts, that occurs for complications of these fictions and ingurgitao and the main infection, originated from the genital device, either in the epsiotomia or the uterine socket, is a serious picture, being able to take the septicemia. According to Health department (2006) to guide the mothers on the importance of the maternal aleitamento, the cares to be taken and the advantages that backwards the o just born, and of which illnesses that it is if preventing, and on the positions that it must be when suckling its son. ..


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