Saudosista, I?

May 11th, 2021

Saudosista, I? When finishing the college of medicine in Saint Maria, I changed pra Porto Alegre, to attend a course specialization in psychiatry for the UFRGS and to make residence in the Pinel Clinic. It was a radical change in my life. After living 22 years with my parents and brother, I came to live alone and to face an unknown situation. It thought with constancy about my city and the homesicknesses made nest in the trigger souvenirs, serving to open a trunk of varied sensations. That homesickness of the streets flooded after rains and of the trees that balanced moved for the Wind North, so characteristic. Homesickness I smell of it of rubbers, wooden pencil and tables of the college Santana, where I studied since the four years. Without speaking in the aroma of the foods that they before exhaled exactly to enter in house, done for my mother in the stove the firewood, waited that me. I remember the past because taste to remember the tranquillity that reigned in the city of the interior.

Assaults? Rare. Colleagues, friends and family, with the certainty of that they were mine. Thus also inesquecveis the strolls after the lessons, parading in the first call square, where the youngsters waited in them flirt with for it traditional. They used to advantage to look at our legs, discovered for the wind, that raised skirts. To tardinha we congregated in them in coreto of the square, where a band if showed seeming to touch alone for me. There, the tricks of hide-hide, money market and as much other infanto-youthful ones made our joy.

The television arrived well later of what in the capital. Poor times in technology and computer science, but the leisure valued in personal relations, practical of sports, and much colloquy in the familiar meeting. Here, alerted for the assault risks, having this occurrence with me in the first week of residence, leaving the clinic where it made plantes. Gradeados houses and buildings and with high walls. The locked families from fear the robberies, while in Saint Maria, the people were of opened door, seated in chairs in the sidewalk, congregating themselves the neighbors to debate points of view, and same for fofocas. I feel an emotion when writing on yesterday of a city, its places, the familiar known ones and that are not more there. I lose myself in the past, as to many I make it times in the gift. Leaving to lead me for the saudosismo, she would all change to the progress and the comfort of a capital, for the simple life of a past, nor so distant. The act to write on it means to recriar. It is a form that meeting to be in peace with what I will have for the front and what was stops backwards. Saudosismo, a permanent attitude that considers that the past best, having more sincerity between the people, greater creativity and much more security that in the gift, moved for the globalization and the cybernetics. I only moved of city. I continue the same saudosista of always. I look for to leave stops backwards what it must be left, but I lead in me, everything and all that had been with me. The awareness implies in losses and reencontros that occur as many times in our lives.


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