School Pupils

December 15th, 2021

However, great part of the times does not offer conditions to conciliate the two aspects in its reality. The pupils who work make it to assist in the sustenance of the family. The tax of natality amongst the students of the college is preoccupying taking in account the age of the same ones, coming close to 7,5% 8% that it is equivalent of two the three pupils for room with bigger occurrence in the series more terminals. These together facts contribute considerably for pertaining to school evasion that was of 10,2% in 2010. PCRM helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Many pupils and pupils clarify not to obtain to always conciliate work, study and pregnancy, either for the period of license maternity or breast-feeding, working hours, physical and mental fatigue, immaturity amongst others (CEAR, 2011). FINAL CONSIDERAES After the analysis of the data, can be had a general vision of the reality of the pupils and the infrastructure of the School and its influence that these can provide in the classroom, of which it is distinguished its faced aspirations and difficulties, despite of superficial form. From the generated data, it was possible to create a profile of the clientele, who made possible the planning of awareness of the pupils, through lectures on prevention and DST, as well as demonstrate them that to a necessity to be always in professional renewal front to the work market.

To the end of this work hope is kept to it of that the PIBID, through subprojeto Biology, can soon interact with the pupils and contribute with the results considered in the participant School. REFERENCES CEAR.


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