Sick With Love

December 29th, 2021

Who is man? – It is believed that the man being the smartest person I ……. but do not know if you are intelligent creatures that is people respond to me? It hurts that I do not understand, if I knew the doctor may ask ……. colitis heart, lost sleep, thoughts are entangled, constantly cold, lost my appetite, I can not control my tears are flowing endlessly. what is the weight in my heart …. really want to be cured but can not. They say that I fell in love with the times will not who knows how long does it ….. is not it strange disease? Doctors can not help, drugs not only have to wait when will but where is the guarantee that everything will go? where is the guarantee that the disease will not come back? can not answer and I can not here.

From all this follows another question why do need is love? Anyone who was sick with the disease know as they were badly ………… thinking about? and me too. Others who may share this opinion include Darcy Stacom. While writing these lines and thought, after all, love it and may not disease. Yes of course there are symptoms, but this is just speculation. I do not know how to call it ….. but it can be for what we live for? Yes it is possible that life as we tormented in order to experience this love? You thought that I was gone? I think that our lives are designed that would worry …. no …. I'm of sound mind and understand what I say but not sure that I was right ……

but we are able to assume. So you imagine ……. Remember that time a positive thing, or imagine that those close to you the person with whom you just …. well that may be far from you but you hear his name breaks into a smile. When you are rad you or anything, and do not need no more valuable then that moment. Nice to you? Yes nor that this does not compare but always is that what it destroys As sad as it did not sound ……. And then come these symptoms and now my whole life. Drawing conclusions it appears that we are ready to suffer all my life for the sake of one moment of happiness ….. mdaaaa "fun", but at least I know that now and I felt bad but this moment of happiness and do not regret it. Maybe you think that's stupid if she met him now, so do not tormented, but lived to rejoice, walking, resting. But you know what I'll tell you this that I feel sorry for you …. you are so say because I do not love, but if you do not love you do not know true happiness.


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