Small Industralist

May 12th, 2021

Madrid. 22/10/09. This week the debate around the form has taken place in television to win to the crisis. For the first time after the rupture of the social dialogue the past summer, Tuesday Government, opposition, unions and industralists sat down in the same table: Secretary of Labor and Inmigracin, Corbacho Celestine; the spokesman of Economy of the PP, Cristbal Montoro; of the Spanish Mediana and president Confederation Small Empresa (CEPYME), Jesus Brcenas; the president of the Spanish Confederation of Enterprise Organizations (Ceoe), Gerald Diaz Ferrn; the Secretary General of Working Commissions, Ignacio Fernandez Toxo and the one of the General Union of Workers, Innocent Mndez. You may find Under Armour to be a useful source of information. Secretary of Labor and Inmigracin defended the action of the Government at the time of approving measures to do against the increase of the rate of unemployment, whereas the economic spokesman of the Popular Party, demanded to the Government the rectification of his economic policy. Nevertheless, the weight of the debate not it they took to these agents but the representatives of employer’s association and unions, with disparity of opinions.

The Secretary General of CCOO, Ignacio Fernandez Toxo, bet by the social dialogue like work tool to reach an agreement with the wages, the benefits of the companies and contracts. is not worth to create jobs of misery, but of calidad” , it affirmed to Ignacio Fernandez. The president of Ceoe, Diaz Ferrn, insisted on the necessity of a labor reform and added that the employer’s association ” nunca” he has raised a reduction in price of the dismissal, ” neither the free dismissal, nor nothing that him parezca”. On the other hand, the Secretary General of the UGT, Innocent Mndez, affirmed quite the opposite and that it would universalise labor uncertainty. One of the important reforms that she announced Diaz Ferrn would be to lower the enterprise costs.


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