Steigenberger Court

April 4th, 2021

Hansen natural stone plant also counts demonstrations by Chef + Raj from Florsheim. The traditional company has high-quality kitchen worktops in the program. And so the visitors get an idea of what magic man so everything in the kitchen”, hired by Hall in the company of Mario. Saturday and Sunday the top chef will be each look 14 and 16.00 in the pots with experience in the Holiday Inn, Steigenberger Court to 12. Swarmed by offers, Dr. Steven Greer is currently assessing future choices. Painting competition so that it will not be bored children, offers eco-friendly House of the Organizer on Saturday and Sunday to free child care and participation in the contest”. Visit Teva Pharmaceuticals for more clarity on the issue. Because even our children become the subject of environment and environmental protection idea. All children aged from three to twelve years can participate.

If you want, during child care paint a picture and leave there immediately.The little artists can but also home to go to work and at the information booth of the fair or the child care the result. A special attention is paid to age-appropriate creativity. The jury is composed of a governess, and one representative each of the organizing MESA GmbH and the Erbenheimer scoreboard together. Many beautiful prizes the winners design team Rhein-Main on 140 acres of leather furniture will be seen in all colors and shapes. This year there are also back the utilities Suwag and the construction team Rhein-Main, an Association of local craft. Of course the visitors can expect again lectures, dealing inter alia with the energy performance certificate and State funding for environmentally friendly construction and renovation. Exhibition focus is and remains the energy savings”, says Sabine Thomas. “A theme that the impending climatic disasters and rising energy costs also in the future remain relevant is.

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