The Bundesgerichtshof

February 8th, 2021

This commitment is not unlimited but”explains lawyer Alexandra Wimmer from the German law hotline. The Bundesgerichtshof says: nobody must be tangible and lasting restrictions his Living conditions and, to make his parents, unless unless he leads a dissolute life of luxury, but what is a pretty vague description.” May maintenance for parents ask but what the Welfare Office? An adult may keep monthly 1400 euros for himself by his net earnings. In this so-called excess rental costs are included. With a family of maintenance requirements for spouses (1050 euro) and children (depending on age) are added to the own deductible, have an own deductible. Of the revenue, which is still above this family deductible, 50 per cent for the maintenance to be entered. What many people do not understand: children may be asked also no income of their own to checkout if you have a spouse who earns very well. It will then argues that a reasonable proportion of the household income is available to the partner. It is calculated, what is payable.

Who is included in the obligation, should consult a lawyer specializing in family law, because the calculation is complicated and rather confusing for the uninitiated. Lawyer Wang has seen, that demands the height were often unjustified. Checks have revealed that some home contracts are not the law. So, saved expenses need to be applied to the case of a temporary absence of the resident. “Ursula Lenz advises: first look, whether that is precisely regulated in the contract.” Some clauses are not allowed. This includes”such a set-off power, according to which the home line, if they manage money of the resident of the home, this may charge with outstanding home expenses claims.

The home operator wants to raise prices it must that writing in the (case ground. Important checklist how to find you the right nursing home or for an appropriate senior residence, where even the human warmth is in addition to the finance? In the preliminary one should wonder whether the home the Charter of rights help and domiciliary care for elderly people to scale makes,”advises Ursula Lenz. It is available in the Internet under care “Tip: under can be found under the keyword publications: the right home” a checklist with which you can check the deals. By the way: Until end 2010, all homes are graded by the medical service. The result must be unhooked visible. About 70 percent of all Germans wish to age not in a home. After every older person now knows what the one or the other home costs and as managed/maintained such care more competitive rates – will be, more and more people prefer the individual round to care (24-StundenBetreuung) in your own home, especially from about 1490 euros – to have and thus is affordable for many people and their families. Fn

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