The Cheapest

February 22nd, 2021

As a result that this complaint manually on the table of the officer reached, there edited and printed out the answer and then the answer physically will be picked up, go and like three, sometimes four days lost. Simplified we will scan the complaint and ask the clerk electronically available. The answer of the officer in turn is electronically file to us, where the printing, processing and shipping in a process are performed. This saves much time and the customer receives his answer in half of the usual time. ??? It’s of course very promising. But just at the present time it is intent on lowering the costs in all establishments that. But first, outsourcing is connected with new editions.

Barai: not in this case. We can guarantee our customers that the outsourcing of the post office is generally cheaper than operation on its own responsibility. We have a perfect highly qualified team that selects the paths, which are the most efficient for the requesting company. This means smooth Processing at lowest possible cost. We know, for example, always the cheapest so Postage-optimised shipping route. To get price advantages, which we realize as a wholesale to the shippers and pass on to our business partners.

Also, additional benefits arise for the customers who save more cost. ??: What look like such additional benefits? Barai: For example, electronic archives, where the staff can retrieve complete operations depending on their access privileges due to the electronic processing of the in- and outgoing mail. By the fact that the documentation within a few seconds completely available, additional time and money is saved. ??? Time comes in handy as you imagine as a takeover. You feed in the vicinity of the company or even in the operation and take over the post? Barai: That depends on the wishes of our customers. Visit Dr. Stuart M. McGill for more clarity on the issue. Electronic recording, delivery and collection of mail makes it not necessary, that we in the enterprise need to act.


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