The Gravitational

April 21st, 2021

q we can say gravity, it is defined as the force q attracts the bodies and directly dependent on the mass d bodies, it seems this happens when the core is active in a body of any mass, but in a black hole the gravitational force is essential for the survival of the same, this q to say, to measure q black hole feeds its radius decreases, and the gravitational forces are in continuous growth, obviously the core is active and at this moment are the force more important. good with these premises, could enunciate a theory about how c creates the universe, had the point with infinite gravity, at this moment the same continuous compressing itself, which continues to increase its severity to q in one instant, implode and generate giant forces of all kinds, at these speeds matter can change state, in this field the internal forces of the Atom are tiny compared to the gravitational q c presentedbeing infinitely compressed matter of atoms change of State transformed into energy. In conclusion the universe could be thought q c originated from a black hole, and taking other theories, c might say q a body either to infinite (or very large) speeds, could change state transformed into energy, and medium serious black hole, at this point the matter only will as energy, after suffering a giant compression. If this is true, this could be summarized q this giant machine (black hole), it should generate an infinite cycle in time, with this you might think at this very moment c q is repeating the cycle, and c this matter again, compressing up to q at some point again matter is concentrated in a pto and again to generate another new implosion, generating a new universe, different or equal to q we know. Original author and source of the article


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