The Psychologist

February 20th, 2014

First session with the psychologist To decide to go for the first time to the psychologist is not a easy decision. It is very possible that a series is arising from doubts: I need certainly it? , I am not so bad to have to go to a psychologist, What will think of me if they find out that I go to the psychologist? Will have solution my problem? In short, the questions can be interminable. In order to understand better those questions, the answers could be the following: 1) Everybody that goes to the psychologist must not have a psychological upheaval. Contact information is here: Dr. Steven Greer. In the different centers many consultations exist that are related to an improvement in the quality of life. Problems that do not get to be incapacitantes, but that the person presents/displays who them wants to improve them (timidity, indecision, feelings of inferiority, etc.). 2) All the problems by complicated that seem have solution. The psychologist is the person adapted for ayudarte to overcome your problems.

3) the psychological culture of this country is changing. Many people go to the psychologist. No longer it is bad sight going to the psychologist. 4) Is normal that if you go to the psychologist the first time you are intranquilo/a. But you must consider that the first consultation does not jeopardize to you to anything. In the first session the psychologist is going to you to listen. He is going to realise a general evaluation and he is going to you to explain what he happens to you, because passes and the possible forms to you to solve it (Cervantes, 2006). Competition and honesty of the psychologist that the psychologist serves, and education, and the investigation that realises bases necessarily on a valid body of knowledge and reliable, sustained in the scientific research, reason why the work that carries out must directly correspond with the education, formation, supervised experience or professional experience that have received formally.


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