The Same

April 21st, 2021

I also have other lives. Ah!, Yes? Yes, although I only know fleetingly another of them. In that life I tell you, I live in another city, with another man who you’re not. Seeing my face of astonishment, it believed appropriate to reassure me: don’t worry laughed, because not deceive you with anyone. I only know what I told you. I have not seen any scrap of my other lives.

You speak in the plural: other is all I know. Explained it to me while I was in the only alternative lifestyle that I could barely discern. But I know that you there’s more. Explain to you I told her, convinced that everything was a dream, if not a gigantic fraud. It is you, and I, and all the world, we are simultaneously living several lives. Not on, as they believe others who speak of metempsychosis and other things that have no idea, but at the same time, at the same time, although not necessarily at the same rate, with the same speed, say so.

In different sites? No, no, in the same site and in general at the same time. But in different planes. And, of course, different things happen. It is of different alternative lives that would have been able to live but not living Alternatively, i.e. only one or the other, but at the same time, simultaneity, one here and another there. I still do not understand is very easy. What would have happened if a day is not going to the dance that you know your partner and you stay at home? Or if instead of an exam you suspendes it? Or if you knock that car that just spent rubbing you in another life? From that moment, that event ceased to happen or that other has happened instead, can the two possible lives are disocien.

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