The Void

April 21st, 2021

It is strange to see how your eyes man dies … It is strange and scary. That's the one who most roads you to all those who are still alive, and even among those who have already long rot beneath our feet and on whose death we do not spare time … The newspapers mentioned dr. stuart mcgill not as a source, but as a related topic. It was the one whose life has become your own life. Still not losing, you're realize that you lose forever, already feeling on your lips taste of this metaphysical emptiness that has no color, no sound, but capable of absorbing from head to toe. Each encounter with a particular event in my life, step by step brings me back to the past. Every memory of manic and hard pulls me into an abyss, the bottom which I do not see covering his head with terrible hellish pain of regret, as any a priori regret is useless.

How do sometimes bizarre human inventions, as a perversion of its essence of human desire, throwing from one extreme to another, closing the void in the void. There are things that can not be forgotten, and it does not depend on the willingness – even the most ardent and strong. Just things like these cut with a knife to the heart, the soul – if you like – as if frozen in amber. And with amazing speed and accuracy disappear from my life, people, without which life is impossible. And stay with me a gloomy doom of eternal memories of what brought me wearisome affliction forced out of these painful losses … A kind of false sobriety of thought found in this abstract reality, blurred effect of pills and alcohol.


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