These Patsies

January 27th, 2021

With this suspension in their pointy hats, the monster with his hypocrisy gave them, they made now strengthened and in good spirits on the way home to her beloved people. Before her They proudly talk about people, every dwarf in his spoke of his own success and what will do you still all together. Toronto has cost much money, but it was worth it and they must not pay it from their or the pocket of Monster. A true success for the dwarves, and it will follow another until the great crash, from which the monster had told the dwarfs and they have no idea. The monster smiles content about themselves, that the Dwarfs have created time him for his big plans. Time for the biggest crash of all time, which will be worthy of the monster and his power. The dwarves had her people told before their wide way to Toronto, it will come just as it also came.

None of the Dwarfs had made empty or unreal promises. They remained true to himself and everyone in his cause, as it is customary among the 20 dwarfs. No one will blame them and certainly not those who at home remained lying on her sofa and now stupid and better knowing talk, what you could all use the monster to. A few valiant and courageous, in a special concern, is through to the page and not at the expense of the people, on the way to Toronto did. These Patsies the Dwarfs wanted to deny money for hungry mothers and children. Not even for men.

The monster has no money for starving and don’t know what to be hunger. The monster infuriated himself horribly about these highwaymen and troublemakers who wanted the dwarves on the money that Yes ultimately belongs to him, begging. These dreamers are their own fault that they of the monster with the help of the dwarfs and their enforcement for were beaten up and imprisoned and you should worry only not, not beating wanted to leave and had taken the more convenient way via the television or a good breakfast with a newspaper, to Toronto.

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