Thoracic Spine Diseases

April 4th, 2021

Diseases of the thoracic spine accompanied by pain in the back, chest (intercostal neuralgia), heart and impaired function of internal organs – kidneys, liver, stomach, heart, etc. Tom Florio is actively involved in the matter. By 'breast' vertebral diseases include, for example, interregional Bern neuralgia, osteochondrosis and spondylosis, which represents growth of vertebral bone in the form of ridges and spines. Incidentally, this growth – the desperate attempt to remove the body of the vertebrae with stress by growing additional support. Same disease of the lumbar spine (lumbago, sciatica, lumbago, etc.) are traditionally accompanied by a limited mobility and muscle spazmirovaniem. It is against this background can develop various diseases of the pelvic organs and pancreatitis serious disruption of the pancreas. Experts warn not wait to hike doctor if: when turning the neck there is pain and a characteristic crackling, or motion in the cervical spine is limited; often numb hands, a feeling murashek 'tingling in the fingertips; when turning the head there is dizziness, tinnitus, headaches, vestibular disorders; from time to time oschuutsaetsya sharp pain in the heart, which voznikaet during abrupt slopes or heavy lifting (especially if the doctors do not found no changes on ECG); periodic pains in his back. As if by magic is probably the most accurate definition of manual therapy techniques. As we know, it was founded by ordinary villagers bone setters, poorly represented himself, with some thin 'mechanism', they are dealing with.

Hence the pro expired tough and sometimes dangerous because of health technology many old chiropractic techniques. This is particularly relevant in the case namely the spine, chiropractic treatment mismanagement which may lead to disability. By contrast, modern vertebrologists, armed with ultrasound, x-rays and magnetic resonance imaging, prefer soft manual technique. Such methods are intended to relax the spasm mshschy first by means of massage, reduce inflammation in various procedures, as well as accurately and as painlessly as possible cause spine in order. As the practice of manual therapy, therapeutic sessions is best done daily, and at intervals of one to three days. This allows the muscles and ligaments gradually heal.

It is not necessary worry if after the session appear in the muscle pain of the spine and back muscles that have undergone manual treatment. After all, this competent intervention – a kind of training for the locked muscles and ligaments. At this point, they begin to work and it hurt because as after intensive training. And here at the muscle groups that are a result of illness were constantly finds tense, the opposite effect occurs. Ortsyshenie at This resembles a kind of numbness in an arm or leg stiff from an awkward or fixed postures. As for treatment, in each case it will be unique. One patient can have in one pomouts session, the other needs, such as a week course, and the third will have to undergo rehabilitation program, designed for 14 days. In the course of treatment the doctor watches as the body is restored, if necessary, and connects other treatments acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy and drug therapy. Sometimes you have to resort to stretching the spine and to relieve severe pain, treatment is carried out the siege. After treatment should take care themselves and do not lift weights, especially from the position of 'lean forward'. To not have smeutseniya vertebrae and the associated inflammation and muscle spasms, to avoid drafts and cold. Until full recovery fitness classes set aside those sports that involve jumping and shock loads, such as aerobics and shaping. They are best replaced by physical therapy, swimming, yoga or pilates. (Treatment spine Germany)

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