Rid Drink

February 12th, 2011

I guess the usual articles and tips on how to recover from the effects of holidays are reading men, but the holidays – a comprehensive deal that also reluctant to think about how to recover. In fact, starting alcohol – it's too late. Clothes for tall women is not frequently seen there. Let's start with the hangover. Options, how to get rid of, are plenty. I'll tell you a recipe that helps me personally. Of course, the immediate effect will not, but make life easier. Organism, exhausted by alcohol, wants all again fell into place, and at least requires the fluid and minerals. Morning 'sushnyak' – this is no accident, because alcohol, whether beer is, vodka or tequila any, make your body to rapidly lose moisture. This, of course, a complete mismatch of your personal aspirations and needs of your body: you want to drink, and he wants to get rid of degrees. So the first step to make you feel better – it make liquid-salt balance. In general, the drink should be. But not plain water, and certainly not boiled. Because we have an imbalance here and so complete, and flush out the remaining salt water all the more not worth it. Must be able to drink! For me, the best version of the drink in the morning – black tea with sugar and lemon, in second place – the orange juice. Mineral water – also an option especially if it is a little salty. Well, no one has repealed the activated carbon: one tablet per 10 kg bodyweight.


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