The German Government

June 22nd, 2021

It declared for the program Weekly Report of the TVE: Every day 100,000 people die of hunger or their immediate consequences. 856 million people live burdens permanently and undernourished. There is no fatality some because a boy who dies of hunger is assassinated. The order of the world is not only deadly but also absurd, since it kills with no need. During the forum on the Nourishing Security celebrated within the framework of the G-8, the Spanish president announced a new aid of 500 million Euros for next the 5 years that will be destined to programs of infantile nutrition. This amount is added the past to the 1,000 million Euros put on the table by the Spanish Government at the end of month of January.

The American proposal was the one to reach the additional number after aid for the agricultural development and nourishing security of about 15,800 million Euros in next the 3 years. The German Government has arranged 14,000 million Euros, an amount that agrees with that annually also it puts at the disposal of the Church. In Spain the church receives more of 6,000 million Euros of the state. These transferences of bottoms public demonstrate that the majority of European countries is concealed denominational states and that the separation church-been still is a chimera. Before the situation in which we at the moment were of world-wide crisis and hunger, the governments would have to be asked if he is correct who destine all this money to the richest and powerful organization of the world when the population this more and more affected by all these world-wide threats; now more than ever the bottoms would be due to destine public to help the people need who it.


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