What You Need To Know When Choosing An Orthopedic Mattress ?

December 31st, 2021

When choosing an orthopedic mattress is necessary to understand what functions should perform a mattress, what are the types of mattress and fillers, some rigidity to choose a mattress. Basic functions of the mat two: Support the body – is ability to withstand the weight of the mattress body and keep your back straight while you sleep, relieving you of back pain. Support function in the mattress carries a mattress foundation that is spring or latex block. Comfort – it’s the ability of the mattress to match shapes the body and reduce the burden on ordinary pressure points to less than toss and turn in their sleep. Comfort layers provide fillings and quilted plane. Spring and springless Example mattress spring unit without – a candy bar made of artificial or natural latex, rolled up and placed in a vacuum.

As an ingredient used coir sheets – coir. In addition, This category includes mattresses, filled with liquid and air. Spring unit may consist of a dependent, ie, in some way intertwined springs (‘Bonnel’). Mattresses with a block of independent springs, each of which placed in a separate cloth ‘cup’, and operates independently of the ‘neighbors’, are more expensive. Unconnected springs provide a ‘personal approach’ to different parts of the human body.

This mattress allows you to spine to remain in a natural position. All spring mattresses are equipped with spacers, which are responsible for properties such products as softness, stiffness, elasticity, etc. 256 springs per square meter – the standard for majority of independent blocks. The most expensive models have several zones of elasticity and extremely comfortable to use. Technologies allow nasa to create a coating Tempur – viscoelastic material, a storage body contours. Modern spring mattress – a high-tech specialized unit to sleep. Assembly and adjustment of high-quality mattress requires careful manual work, so its price can not exceed 00. Fillers are widely used as traditional fillings – felt, polyurethane foam (foam rubber), padding polyester, wool, and modern – coconut coir, latex artificial and natural, less horsehair. Hygiene and environmental fillers supported by certificates. Many of the mattresses of medium and higher price levels are provided with aerators that is vented to promote air circulation inside the structure. Hard or soft: how to choose? Soft Soft mattresses, orthopedic mattresses – mattresses are those that use elastic fillers. For example, medical foam, natural or artificial latex.

Mattresses this group for people who used to sleep on her side. Soft orthopedic mattresses may also be recommended for people with problems of the lumbar spine. It must be noted that at relatively high elasticity of these mattresses provide adequate support and have high orthopedic properties. Mattresses of medium hardness in orthopedic mattresses of medium hardness, elastic and rigid fillers combined. As an example, a mattress, where the latex is complemented by a thin layer of coconut coir. This gives the mattress extra firmness. Fans of sleep on your back will appreciate this model: when good elasticity of the surface of the mattress has a great supporting properties. If there are problems of the thoracic spine, this property is a must. Hard mattresses are hard mattresses – mattresses, where rigid fillers or dominated by, or used without combination with other materials. Example – Coir, without any additions. People accustomed to sleep on my stomach, prefer it to this group mattresses. Hard mattresses provide good support in the pelvic and cervical spine. This mattress can be recommended to those who have problems with the thoracic spine, as well as adolescents and children.


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