Burning Abdominal Fat

January 20th, 2011

The body uses fat as energy reserves and serve to protect against shock and climate change. By not using energy, fat and carbohydrates consumed more, become fatty acids in the liver and accumulate in muscle tissue. While womens hips are a major problem areas where fat accumulates, for men the problem area is the abdominal region. The fat accumulated in this area represents more danger to health because it increases the likelihood of clogged arteries and thus is a symbol of future heart problems. Under most conditions Dr. Robert Brannon would agree. Research shows that if the diameter of the waist divided by the diameter of the hips, exceeds 0.91, it triples the risk of cardiovascular disease and increases the possibility of the emergence of other conditions as the emergence of problems in metabolizing sugar and subsequent emergence of diabetes. Parallel when abdominal obesity is combined with smoking or other disorders respiratory, cardiac deficiencies increase further. Abdominal fat is accumulated for several reasons, among them include: poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress, hormones, genes, liver enzymes level is not only necessary to establish a healthy diet, low in fat and calories, but also implement an exercise routine to lose that extra weight.

The type of training that should lead to the practice is that of resistance. The idea is to perform aerobic activity for 40 minutes or more whose intensity is light. In this type of training the muscles use stored fat as fuel and, thus, reducing adipose stores. The ideal time to train is the morning because it is more beneficial if the stomach is empty because it lacks reserves accelerates fat burning. Know that it is healthier to sleep lying down with the stomach light. It is convenient dinner two hours before bedtime and eat light foods such as vegetables or fruits. It is essential to note that the abrupt loss of weight is not healthy.

The ideal is to achieve a healthy diet and not restrictive, because what goes fast, rapid returns. Note that sugar is harmful, regardless of how it is presented (soda, cookies, candy). Try to minimize your intake. Another factor to consider is the variety in the diet. If you eat always the same or your diet is extremely limited, the body does not receive the nutrients necessary to maintain and development. Try strengthening your muscles because muscle tissue increases basal metabolism and promotes fat burning. With regard to abdominal exercises to lose abdominal fat is a myth. The truth is that once you have lost weight and abdominal fat removed, if you can do abdominal exercises and note results. When you consider these tips and have the patience surely you can remove the fat that affects not only your appearance but your health.