Psychological Manipulation

February 26th, 2014

One of the greatest enemies that human beings may have is fear and constantly we need to face it and overcome it, when we are undertaking a new project it is normal that the negative ideas of failure will begin to arrive, this happens because for many years we’ve exposed to negative information, you may notice how captures the attention the sensationalist newsHowever the true stories of success do not capture much attention, although it should be noted that it is not in all cases. Since childhood we have experienced constraints, do not touch, is not here, this is only for adults, thats bad etc. When these prohibitions are based on criteria not reasonable is to understand that they have a logic and is something normal and proper, the problem is that many insecurities and unfounded fears also is appearing in our lives, perhaps consciously so notice but the fact of a family conflict can be a compelling reason for not achieving an objective. So you can achieve your goals more easily is necessary to clean your inner path, then you must make sure that his idea of change is free from constraints such as: information completely opposite, fear based on opinions, bad associations, etc. Book by changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar shows all internal restrictions that a target can be, the way in which that information is PlayMobile and most importantly how to get rid of those barriers that are in our subconscious mind, by reading this book you will understand what is the true meaning of freedom and will know that the only way of access to his inner power is freeing itself from all those ties which for years have affected his life. Everytime you forming part of an association or group of any kind always is important to analyze whether the lines of thought are matching in the more far-reaching aspects of his life, of course that there will be differences of opinion on many things, which is standard, you have to avoid is making this divergence in a sense of guilt about what you want to do because Yes that happens then is putting off noticeably the realization of his dream. Many people can not find the light of truth because there are those who manipulate them psychologically and the worst thing of this is that many ideas are totally absurd, but there are those who believe them, and the result is that your life is atrophied in certain areas. Before you take a how some analyze in detail the arguments, is a research and critical person, where doubt eagerly seek answers, in the book by changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar exemplifies how to obtain conclusions based on the truth and where is it? It is in its interior, which is perfectly connected with the creative energy, if you search for answers in spiritual forces then it will see the light, will begin to understand the universe and know how works power and that will undoubtedly take their lives.


Personal Growth Psychology

February 20th, 2014

– As if they were dice rolled on a glass table, and we face the circumstances of life. No matter how we throw, then we will see any numbers, changing our perspective. – In life there are people who only see the low numbers and other numbers are always high. – They say that a king had a servant, the face of adversity, he always said: a que good, how good, how buenoo . A day of hunting the king cut his toe and the counselor said, a que good, how good, how buenoo . – King, tired of this attitude, threw him and the counselor said, a que good, how good, how buenoo . Later, the king was captured by a tribe of Indians to be sacrificed to their god. When preparing for the ritual, they saw that was missing a toe and decided that, being incomplete, was not suitable for his divinity, and he was released.

– King recalled the words of the servant and thought, a que good to have lost the big toe, otherwise he would be muertoa . – He sent the servant to the palace and thanked him. But before I asked him why he said a que buenoo when he was fired. The counselor said, a OESI I had not thrown, it would have been with you and as you would have rejected, I would sacrificadoa . – Life is like a maze with many paths to take. We hold fast to go in a certain direction, marked by difficult circumstances that we are experiencing. But you have to take an attitude like that of director of history: positive and detachment. – So the next time you face a difficulty you can say as the advisor to the king: a que good, how good, how buenoo (thinking that something good you learned from it).


The Psychologist

February 20th, 2014

First session with the psychologist To decide to go for the first time to the psychologist is not a easy decision. It is very possible that a series is arising from doubts: I need certainly it? , I am not so bad to have to go to a psychologist, What will think of me if they find out that I go to the psychologist? Will have solution my problem? In short, the questions can be interminable. In order to understand better those questions, the answers could be the following: 1) Everybody that goes to the psychologist must not have a psychological upheaval. Contact information is here: Dr. Steven Greer. In the different centers many consultations exist that are related to an improvement in the quality of life. Problems that do not get to be incapacitantes, but that the person presents/displays who them wants to improve them (timidity, indecision, feelings of inferiority, etc.). 2) All the problems by complicated that seem have solution. The psychologist is the person adapted for ayudarte to overcome your problems.

3) the psychological culture of this country is changing. Many people go to the psychologist. No longer it is bad sight going to the psychologist. 4) Is normal that if you go to the psychologist the first time you are intranquilo/a. But you must consider that the first consultation does not jeopardize to you to anything. In the first session the psychologist is going to you to listen. He is going to realise a general evaluation and he is going to you to explain what he happens to you, because passes and the possible forms to you to solve it (Cervantes, 2006). Competition and honesty of the psychologist that the psychologist serves, and education, and the investigation that realises bases necessarily on a valid body of knowledge and reliable, sustained in the scientific research, reason why the work that carries out must directly correspond with the education, formation, supervised experience or professional experience that have received formally.


Real Crisis

February 16th, 2014

_ As you could make this! I was participating of a meeting of international cupola where she was being argued the economic crisis that the United States of America will go to suffer briefly! _ What! I have! It wakes up! How soneira she is this, wanted! Economic crisis of the United States! The United States they will never go to enter in financial crisis. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries has much experience in this field. They are the biggest economy of the world! This thing of the past. It wakes up! You come to take a bath pra to be able to rest right, you smiled it. _ You must not waked up have me. Necessary people to respect the sleep of the others took off me of a meeting importantssima! now? How I will go to know the outcome of everything? I know that the United States are the biggest economic power, but I go to enter in crisis, yes. I was knowing of this agorinha! In these heights I already was waked up, clearly, and crying. In the truth nor I know why it cried.

I only know that it was enormous a mental confusion between unreal Real and, sensation this that it would not know to define. Thanks to God it passed fast. I asked for then that it seated to my side and I told, in the minimum details and of commanded form everything to it that it witnesses. It heard, but he repeated that it was only one dream. dream was dream. But, perhaps had my emotion, I felt that it was a little thoughtful.

After taking one ducha and lanchar I continued awaken as if everything had slept in those few minutes what it had to sleep. The impression of it occurs what me continued alive, generating vain speculations e, this, obviously, drove away me sleep. I passed the remaining portion of the night total insone, thinking, rethink.


Swine Flu: Frequently Asked Questions

February 14th, 2014

What is the swine flu? Like humans, pigs exposed to influenza, but the swine flu virus is different from human influenza viruses. Swine flu affects people very often. In the past, there were only body, chills and weakness. Some people have reported diarrhea and nausea. These symptoms may be caused by many other factors, so you and your doctor can determine whether you are infected with swine flu on the basis of symptoms.

should stay home. In the case of coughing or sneezing should cover their mouth and nose with a tissue dressing. Subsequently discard the bandage and wash your hands. This will help prevent the spread of infection. If you have recently been in high risk, you still need to consult a physician.

Remember that your doctor can determine if you are ill with swine flu, so your sample will be sent to a lab to test control drugs. Whether the swine flu virus airborne? New swine flu virus apparently spreads the same way as an ordinary flu. The pathogen can be transmitted to you regular hand-washing must log in to your habit, even if you are healthy. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, infected people are starting to spread infectious agents the day before air. U.S. residents infected with the flu, had no direct contact with pigs. According to experts of Centre for Prevention and Control of swine flu, the virus is widely distanced Disease Control and Prevention recommend taking these drugs for prevention and treatment of flu. The drugs most effective when administered within 48 hours after onset of symptoms disease. However, not all patients need to use them, many U.S. residents with laboratory-confirmed flu symptoms have fully recovered without the need for these drugs. Ministry Homeland Security has allocated 25% of the stockpile Tamiflu and Relenza.

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February 13th, 2014

CRITIC in a pace that accelerates since some years ago, the amazing discoveries of the historians of the Freudianism, make us put increasingly in doubt the integrity of Freud to demonstrate that it is has taken extreme liberties with his clinical material. It is quite clear that Freud had no doubt a moment only modify the facts at their disposal when they don’t match the theory prentendia install. Their maneuvers were based on subtle manipulations of information, a little like a mathematician who rounded off their calculations give you fair, achieving its analysis so often sound convincing (because everything that could prove to be contradictory to their hypothesis was quietly removed or surreptitiously changed). It seems to me to be equally more interesting not to lose time in the lies of Freud (a poor man who intended to install a new intellectual movement with hunger for fame and recognition as anyone else), but rather ask ourselves why Freudian intellectuals who are supposedly formed to bring to light the most painful truths do not bring to light the painful truth of the corruption of much of the data that give base to psychoanalytic theory, and instead, persist in convey a completely utopian discourse. It is paradoxical that same psychoanalysts who re-examine jactaron based on a subversive intellectual movement for its time, are those same subjects that nowadays censor and condemn those who attempt to transgress its regulatory psychoanalytic discourse.What then, is the way these intelecturales continue throughout history: from subversion to censorship? From the change to stagnation? From the open-mindedness to the disqualification of the alien thought? Of accepting a simple theory to reject strong facts that refute categorically?The truth is that whole psychoanalytic movement as a whole, is one of most corrupt intellectual movements of history. Some subjects are simply victims of this movement that, like most, often give by certain snapshot so many things that have no Foundation, just for being things that others accepted before.

Zoological Gardens

February 3rd, 2014

Since the performance of the Ambient Squad already they had been apprehended about 800 birds in good part destined the acquittal and directed others (Zoological gardens). These activities take in account related factors to the health and the natural distribution of these species, searching to attempt against for the recommendations of the IUCN (1987), how much to the destination of confiscated birds, so that the acquittal of apprehensions does not provoke disequilibria related to the introduction of specimens and/or exotic illnesses to one determined region. Being thus any type of work directed toward the destination of birds learned it follows sufficiently rigorous criteria, so that they are not overcome measured that they generate problems the local fauna. 3,3 Procedures of implantation the cost of the used material for the construction of the enclosure, feeding and maintenance would be deriving of apprehensions. Dr. Steven Greer contributes greatly to this topic. A covenant with the Public prosecution service will be carried through, where the infractor defrays the construction of the enclosure and part of the feeding of these birds for a period stipulated for justice. This referring expenditure and the judiciary fines that the infractor pays the entity. The apprehended birds will be directed to the center of selection Chico Mendes in the city of Pirassununga, move until it final.

It is considered for all effect that the city will keep the maintenance of workmanship hand human being and part of the feeding. For the workmanship hand the city will be able to be conveniar with university for the college student act of contract that they are attending a course in the ambient area. This hand of workmanship alone could more be used for learning of the trainee and in a extending period of two years for two. The city will keep a biologist, a veterinarian, two analysts ambientam and tratadores, concursados. For the position of ambient analyst the employee must have superior level in the performance area.