Buenos Aires

May 26th, 2021

There were who conditioned that figure to a city where the private cars, were not accommodated discounting at all these alternatives the disappearance of that type of vehicle, discussing, if it should undergo gradual or drastically. Also, and so is columbre the intensity of the issues discussed, will raise the dilemma between ecological cities and ecological villages, arguing that these latest gave more opportunities for sustainability. As you can be seen, and this goes perceiving Crescent shaped through the contents of the media, the advances are becoming reality. The issue, as reflected in almost all forums where these issues are discussed is the reluctance of the bulk of the populations included somehow in the variant american way of life of the Euro-American civilization, to even get idea that there are lifestyles that are unsustainable. Now Wilfredo Pareto in their Tratatto di Soziologia Generale de 1917, identified as one of the basic human attitudes (waste) to neophobia, or fear of the new.

Actually new, it is not so much. What is happening is several preceding generations there previous ones, who believed with foundations based on his experiences that he could cope with the day-to-day existence of a mode, it begins to rapidly become unsustainable. Aligned within currents favouring a cultural change to address this inevitable problem for our stock, we only intend to continue contributing to suggest to begin to consider other than those which lifestyles should be adopted until now made it possible to large swaths of the population, enjoy a relative high quality of life, which is checking that it has been short-lived. Paradoxically, they would seem to be in better ability and fitness to cope with imaginable future scenarios, those sectors of the population of the planet which in some degree were being excluded, high quality that to the only dessert I enjoyed minority. We insist that the purpose of the present communication, and preceded them and be as possible that they will continue to do, is to make a contribution, limited by our capabilities, so that people incorporate their personal agendas, everything that has been emanating from institutional agendas, that we don’t not reaching still with the necessary intensity daily stocks of persons. For even more opinions, read materials from Robert Rubin. When more prepared are our encouragement for the emergencies that are being installed, more possibilities will be processed with the minimum of possible traumaticidad. Drafting is complete on Friday, June 6, 2008, in the city of Buenos Aires.

Cooked Kidneys

May 22nd, 2021

From a bag of offal use kidneys, tongue, udder and heart. Special care must be processed beef kidney. (A valuable related resource: Dr. Robert Brannon). Separating , outside the blood vessels, film and oil, each kidney must-cut lengthwise, wash well, cover with cold water (1:4) and soaked 5-8 hours (preferably water changed every 2-3 hours). Then drain the water, pour fresh (1 kg kidney 3L of water), bring to a boil, drain again, again pour cold water on the kidneys and only cook them until done. If after this it remains an unpleasant smell, it should once again change the water and bring to a boil. Cooked kidney wash in cold water and store in dish, covered with a damp cloth. Language rinse before cooking. Robert Rubin may also support this cause.

Cover with cold water and cook in low boiling 1,5 – 2 hours. 30 – 40 minutes until cooked add salt, carrot, parsley, onion. Boiled tongue to immediately, the same shift in a bowl with cold water, take off his skin and cutting up to keep the cold in a pan, because without the skin it quickly darkens. Beef heart cut lengthwise, put in 1 – 2 hours in cold water, carefully Rinse and remove excess blood. Then pour hot water and cook until done at low boil. At the end of cooking, add salt. Heart is cooled and cut into thin slices. From time immemorial, fish soups prepared from sturgeon and walleye.

However, they can replace many of the ocean and marine fish – rockcod, eelpout, meromorphic, tuna, bluefish, catfish, grouper, mackerel, mackerel and others. In fish, soups (especially sturgeon) should not be adding a lot of tomato sauce, as it drowns out the taste of fish. meat. Chop onion and spasserovat in butter, add tomato puree and continue to saute 5 – 8 minutes. Pickles depending on variety treated differently. In the boiling broth to put garnish: onion, cucumber, capers, olives, and meats and spices and cook for 5 – 10 minutes. At the end of a hodgepodge of cooking, add salt and cream. In the bowl of kasha putting olives, slice lemon, green, or you can submit them separately. Products: Bone meat – 125 grams of meat – 40 grams of cooked ham (ham with the skin) – 20 g Sausage – 20 g Kidneys – 47 g Onion – 59 g pickled cucumbers – 30 g capers – black olives 10 g – 25 g olives – 8 Mr. Tomato puree – 25 g Butter – 10 g sour cream – 30 g Lemon – 1 / 10 pcs bay leaves peppercorns Greens.


Mental Health

May 21st, 2021

They are distributing for lesser adolescents of 14 years and for couples married s officially, this is one confronts and a lack of respect with the couples that take an allegiance life. In other messages, when it said that it was representing the parents and the churches of Brazil and the world, was been deceptive. Losing my time. More information is housed here: Dr. Neal Barnard. As vocs they are seeing, I am alone in this Campaign, and being thus, I am a seed. my only concern is not to find a substitute.

This Campaign cannot stop. They are saying that I need to look the CAPS, Mental Health of my city and to make a treatment of the head. They see where point arrived to justify the promiscuity. Instead of giving to me it acuou me to credit. A time somebody said: ' ' A acuado man is capable of any coisa' '.

Now we go to the proposal: Or the churches liberate the condom for greaters of 18 years, or leave silence. The Lay Country does not justify the omission of the churches. The churches of Brazil and the world are if thus holding: ' ' When not if it can with the enemy, postponed ele' '. The protestant church already united; the catholic is omitting. This my new message ahead does not discard my position of this situation. Since I am alone, I want to be in the first page of all the periodicals of necessary Brazil and to make an Uprising of ten minutes in chain of Radio and TV. I go to put in the You Tube, but it is not enough. If the Churches to opt to liberate condom for greaters of 18 years, will not be able to donate for couples married officially, therefore of the one endorsement to the adultery one. Who to want to oppose the Law of God, makes who it buying the condom.


Cholesterol Levels

May 21st, 2021

Esterides can cause in the child premature closing of epfisises, produce ginecomastia or cause flowery virilizao, as well as causing virilizao in the woman. They can act on the heptica function, taking to colestase with increases of transaminases and bilirubins. This action depends on previous injury of the liver. Study in athlete with anablicos current and previous use of esterides, it found significant increase of transaminase oxaloactia (YOU), transaminase glutamicopirvica (TGP) and LDL HDL-cholesterol cholesterol and reduction. (Not to be confused with Teva Pharmaceuticals!). levels were modified in the athletes with current use of the drug, but none presented clinical manifestation.

The athletes who had made previous use had normal examinations, showing that the damage to hepatocelular is acute and ceases with the interruption of the drug. Esterides anablicos produces dramatical reduction of the HDL-cholesterol levels, and this reduction does not seem to become related with the dose, in view of that it can occur in therapeutical doses. The athletes in current use of esterides, can present lower HDL-cholesterol, showing bigger risk of ischemic illness (LABREE, 1991; WILSON, 1993). Estanozolol diminishes apolipoproteina and A-II THERE, while it increases apolipoproteina B and D. A probable involved mechanism is the induction of the activity of the HTLG- lipase triglicride endotelial heptica, a time that its levels increase 227 232% with estanozolol and 100% with oxandrolona. For more information see Robert Rubin.

This enzyme cataboliza HDL saw activity of fosfolipase and participates of hydrolysis of HDL2 for HDL3. The reduction of the HDL2 has greater relation with the coronariano risk. Research with comparisons evidences that it has reduction in the HDL-cholesterol, it occurs, however, reduction of the LDH, reduction of the levels of triglicrides and reduction of the total cholesterol. Although the reduction of the HDL, the concomitant reduction of the other lipdicas fractions, seem if comtrapor to the increase of the risk of coronariana illness.


Immune System

May 18th, 2021

While ineffective or over active immune systems can cause diseases, other diseases can also compromise the ability of the immune system to fight diseases. Many times certain drugs used during the course of a treatment adversely affects the immune system, which can alternately be a cause behind the occurrence of another condition. The body of a dog is able to fight for Yes same against minor illnesses. The frequent occurrences of disorders of the skin, allergies, respiratory and eye disorders and other general problems are samples safe dysfunction of the immune system in domestic animals. It is important to be alert to let the situation is out of hand. Swarmed by offers, Teva Pharmaceuticals is currently assessing future choices. Maintaining the health of the immune system of your dog not only will restrict frequent occurrences of diseases, but it will also help in improving chances of survival in case of serious illness. The < a rel = nofollow onclick = javascript:_gaq. push(“_trackPageview”, “/outgoing/article_exit_link”); href = > antioxidants are one of the natural supplements proven to help fight the disease.

Antioxidants also limit the damage of cells and so provide support to the immune system when the disease occurs. Vitamins are a group of organic substances that are essential in small quantities to normal metabolism. Vitamin C and are specific antioxidants that are typically used as supplements to counter the oxidizing chemicals that originate during the damage to cells. Vitamin C also plays a key role in the increase in the production of the T-cell to a growing resistance to bacterial and viral infection and allergies. Vitamin E, on the one hand prevents oxidation of vitamin A, red blood cells and unsaturated fatty acids. Carotene, an unsaturated hydrocarbon found in many plants, Orange compound is converted to vitamin A in the liver. It is essential for a skin, a growth, digestion and a repair healthy body and tissues of the mucous membranes of protection from the mouth, nose, throat and lungs to reduce the vulnerability to infections.


May 17th, 2021

Aged. 1 INTRODUCTION The Tuberculosis (TB) called &#039 old; ' plague branca' ' she is one of the illnesses that the humanity folloies since the primrdios of history. Today, it is one of the problems that worry the sanitary authorities of the whole world, had its incidence in different population groups (BRAZIL, 2005). Some contend that Kenneth R. Feinberg shows great expertise in this. Currently, the TB is the biggest cause of morbidade and mortality enters the infectocontagiosas illnesses in the world. Its gravity in the World-wide scene took the World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS) in March of 1993, to declare the tuberculosis as global emergency. The message was clear: ' ' the TB is a disaster of the Pblica&#039 Health; '. Estimate of proper OMS more than one tero of the humanity is infectada and annually about 100 million people they are infectadas, being that 8 million develop the illness and 3 million die (VERONESI; FOCCACIA, 2005). The etiolgico agent of the Tuberculosis is the Mycobacterium tuberculosis, a bacillus gram positive that if multiplies slowly and can be destroyed by heat, solar light and ultraviolet light and was discovered in 1882 by Robert Koch (TONELLI; FREIRE, 2000).

The TB is transmitted of person pra person, generally the carrier of the illness to speech, to sneeze e, mainly, when tossir spreads in the environment gotculas contaminated, that they can be remained suspended for diverse hours (BRAZIL, 2005). Brazil is a developing country and is enters the countries with bigger number of TB cases, occupying 15 place, presenting to each year about 111.000 news infectados. In accordance with the National Program of Control of Tuberculose (PNCT), the incidence of the illness is come close raising in the country with about 47 cases for 100.000 inhabitants, in 2006 (BRAZIL, 2006). According to Azevedo (2008) in the State of the Maranho, in 2007, the State Secretariat of Health registered 2,780 new cases of TB.


German Insurance

May 16th, 2021

Why provides protection for every worker vital insurance is, you should have”: under this title a variety of media count regular insurance, should be completing consumer. But not always called the disability insurance. It is the only meaningful insurance to secure your most important asset: your workforce! Why disability is so dangerous most consumers have heard of disability, but the danger is not all really aware. Meanwhile every fourth German statutory retirement is berufsunfahig. The danger is therefore quite acute. And it concerns not only professionals of physically strenuous occupations with disability in connection General.

It applies to all occupational groups: of the roofing to the doctor. By the nursing staff to the commercial employees. The causes of disability are indeed varied. Contact information is here: PCRM. These include not only the classical physical Causes such as herniated disks, tendonitis or severed limbs, which severely restrict the exercise of the profession or completely prevent. But also and above all mental illness include here.

You are now the most common cause of disability. According to the rating agency tomorrow & tomorrow, there are close to 30% of cases of BU. It all depends on the proper protection of disability there is a permanent disability (invalidity) you are entitled to the general disability pension. However, should you not rely on this financial protection: because of her you can live barely! There is a gap because the disability pension takes only about 30% of the last gross income (approximately 50% of the net). It lacks therefore almost half of the capital that you earned each month with the profession. Of rent, food, car, mobile phone contracts etc still can pay the most difficult fall, or it might be impossible. Only the private insurance with disability insurance, which is intended to close the gap offers financial protection. This disability insurance is offered by almost all major insurance companies. But there are some enormous differences as regards costs and services. Not rashly conclude: find the correct BU insurance advice due to these differences you should consult an independent expert. Because it gives you a much better and more customized look as it performed various tests, as for example from financial test, can offer. Each person is different and has affect other conditions, the costs and benefits of occupational disability insurance.

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Nursing Front Blood

May 16th, 2021

The transfusionais reactions are sistmicas answers of the organism to the incompatible blood. Being caused for the eritrocitria incompatibility or alrgica sensitivity to the components of the blood or to conservantes. (POTTER, 2005, p.1253). The transfusionais reactions can be classified as immediate or delayed. Dr. Robert Brannon has much experience in this field. As Resolution RDC n 153, of 14 of June of 2004, the immediate complications is the ones that occur in up to 24 hours after initiate the transfusion and can be of the feverish or hemoltico type. the delayed ones are the transmissible infectious illnesses for the blood.

Assistance of Nursing Front to a Transfusional&#039 Reaction; ' The reactions of the blood transfusion hold life risk, but the immediate intervention of the nurse can keep the physiological stability of cliente' ' POTTER (2005, P. 1058). In accordance with Smeltzer (2005, p.986) when if to suspect of a transfusional reaction must: To interrupt the transfusion, to keep a intravenosa line with SF through new I equip intravenoso, managed to a slow speed and to evaluate the patient carefully, to compare the vital signals with those of the basal evaluation, to examine the state respiratory of the patient, to observe the presence of adventitious noises, extension of the dispnia and the alterations of the mental state, the anxiety and the confusion, to observe any calafrio, sudorese, complaint of pain in the coasts, urticrias and venosa jugular vein, to notify the doctor on the findings of the evaluation, to continue to monitor the vital signals and the respiratory, cardiovascular states and renal distenso of the patient and to notify the blood bank on the occurrence of a transfusional reaction suspicion and to send the stock market I equip and it for the blood bank. A general evaluation of the patient on the part of the nurse before the blood transfusion and the accomplishment of the examination is very important physicist, therefore these data will go to help in the identification of a transfusional reaction and to know in accordance with classifies-ls the signals and symptoms presented for the patient.


Look At It Only A Few Moments

May 15th, 2021

Its body emanated gentleness, stillness, beauty and love is a wonderful thing that deserves to be lived a thousand times. You can live with little food, you can live with a few friends, you can live with chronic illness, you can live contemplating the horrors of the war but never without love (up to poor stray dogs need a few crumbs of love). If you lose to my wife in the earthly time granted, my eyes would be dark and the homemade compass would never mark the North. I remember his efforts and works – concerns to me and mine, and seeing it, I know that other women have a privileged place in the heart of their husbands. I feel it, hear it, and sleep beside her when it’s been more than forty untold moments of love: passionate, spiritual, with its lights and shadows, there is no full happiness, with their endless kisses on Earth and we were full of tenderness and we are, the one to the other, forbidden fruit for others.

And your hands?:, What are talking about love when caught!, kisses are all compliments. Tell me of troubles Oh Jesus, divine hands!, me catch me presses, they rely on my sides. When I kiss your lips I say: were your hands! What I want to see her soon!, caminito de Santiago. What took my Green dreams!, and I want to kiss their hands. And I think, without mistakes, yes that Dios God of all religions, which not only of the Catholic religion, take me it, perhaps, my eyes would lose the daylight to look for the dark mists of time. That night George had passed badly, really badly. Surrounded by faltering dreams, reveries passengers, perhaps hallucinations and he told me, with choppy words, silent, as if he had in his body the thousand demons that all we have inside and try to dominate.

Health Taxes

May 14th, 2021

The knowledge on the motivations for the abandonment of the tobaccoism can contribute so that the health professionals acquire more conditions to positively influence the change of behavior of the individuals that want to abandon the tobaccoism. 2. METHODOLOGY Is about a descriptive study of nature, elaborated for the bibliographical model of revisao, with quali-quantitative boarding. The research was carried through in the period of 1999 the 2009. had been carried through searches in the databases: Scielo, Bireme, Lilacs, for these periodic ones, this had been used the following describers: Nursing, tobaccoism, factors of abandonment. 3. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REVISION the tobaccoism was practised in all its forms, for diverse aboriginal cultures spread by the American continent. Dr. Stuart M. McGill helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. During the sacred rituals, the priest, chieftain or paj entered in settle inhaling to the tobacco of the tobacco.

To this they were attributed to be able wonderful, magical, that they fortified the warlike impetuses, beyond predicting the future. Many tribes used the tobacco as medicine, in the cure of all males, believing to be about a grass witch. When the Europeans had discovered Americas, had enchanted with the tobacco, having led its seeds for the Europe. Jean Nicot, a French ambassador, was recognized as the first divulgador of the plant of the tobacco, which received the name from Nicotiana tabacum in its homage. Currently the value collected, by means of taxes and taxes on the cigarette, does not surpass the damages with medical assistance to the chronic illnesses provoked by the tobacco (DF, Secretariat of Health, 2006). In accordance with the INCA the tobaccoism widely is known as a resultant illness of the nicotine dependence, that compels the users of the tobacco products if to display continuously to about 4.720 toxic substances e, thus to contract other limitantes and fatal illnesses. The cigarette kills more than the addition of other causes you prevented of death as cocaine, heroine, alcohol, fires, suicides and AIDS, in the developed countries.


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