Wedding Toasts Verses

November 6th, 2020

For you, the bride and groom, so I wrote this poem. To celebrate this moment, when the family came marriage! Friends, I want to drink for you in this wonderful, wonderful time, let the music sounds loud Let the happiness to you fast flying! Live long on the earth, and for all – hand in hand to you only envy, is now left to shout: "Kiss!" *** For you – my toast, my friends, my whole heart I am glad now that you've created an eternal marriage … May never cold darkness of his hand you do not touch, always let the heart beat is hot, let's always love warms, and happiness in the home lives. I drink to your betrothal, for two heart connection, I envy you and slightly younger, we shout: "Kiss!" *** My toast – for young married couples, Walk together you with each other, from this wedding – until the end … Let the hot breath of the heart love, tenderness and passion, never let split property you do not have, I wish that you always find a place in the house for friends, for your dear guests, among them – your servant.

Suppose you do not grow horns. Let's have a full purse, will you sack of Health. I wish you love always. For this drink a glass to the bottom! *** The wedding – how many carries that word. In passport stamp amazing new. The house – now there's another man, whom thou has obeyed forever.

Which you waited a long time in this world, you are connected to fast from now on. For your love and hearts of betrothal – My toast, my humble a poem. I'm quite fascinated by you today, nicely by a pair, I attacked. Love each other always, you so, That passion was raging, and you were "bitter!" *** For young I pour, Let there be joy – over the edge. Let it be happy family … at this – all I finished! *** I wish I newlyweds Happy children, happy, mutual feelings for one hundred years, do not know quite sad, the poor. Love one another day after day and be happy in every way!

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Tarot Online – Online Tarot Reader

November 1st, 2020

Regina joins the consulting team from Astro star, which specializes in online Tarot, clairvoyance and divination as new Tarot reader star the life consultant Portal Astro, is pleased to announce that the consultants was expanded by an experienced life consultant named Regina. Regina not only has many years of experience as a fortune teller, but offers astrological consultations using Feng Shui as one of the few life consultants. The experienced consultant works mainly with the Angel cards to help anyone seeking advice in all possible situations by means of online Tarot reader; whether it is love, partnership or professional. Regina is particularly proud of the feedback left by numerous customers, which confirmed their passion for the Tarot online. In addition to the Angel cards Regina relies also on the pendulum and other esoteric methods to provide a wide range of options for consulting their callers.

Also, Regina has also an open ear for all people who are not necessarily interested esoteric deliberations or Tarot online. Regina like communicating with people to give them advice of any kind and acts also as a life coach. During this consultation analyzes Regina the living conditions of the people seeking advice in various fields to any potential for improvement such as for example stress reduction, pointing out. Her real specialty areas are sectors of Feng Shui but the Bagua. Through their experience in this area, in addition that it has deepened through numerous courses, it is to track down possible subtle energies and resonance you to give advice in various areas. Feng Shui has its roots in the Asian culture, and is mainly used in home furnishings to optimize the placement of different objects, so that a harmonious atmosphere in the living environment. Regina will be most of the time of daytime, accessible per week for approximately 20 hours; If it is unreachable, but then also a callback that no extra costs, can Star Web page via the Astro be started.