The Small Town Of Corleone In Sicily

March 16th, 2012

If you're going on a trip to Italy, surely navestite town of Corleone in Sicily. Corleone is a lot of associations. It is located on Sicily, the birthplace of the Mafia. 'The Godfather' was carrying his name. Mount and lock it have the same name as the family Corleone, sung in the film. And surely the tourists coming in Corleone, expects that over his head every now and then will trace the bullet. But in reality, the city is not always for the benefit of such a glory (though must pay tribute to Ford Coppola made a mecca for tourists Corleone) – for the interesting stories about the life of the clans, few people can appreciate its true beauty – a paradise for the faithful, Greenpeace, the archeologists.

There is such grace in the world where from ancient times did not stop beating pulse of human life. The first man-wise, putting his hatchet on the ground, stares thoughtfully at the top of the hill forest, field, river and exclaimed to his primitive language: 'Oh'. And until the day admiring the archaeologist draws from the ground blade greenish, in these parts sow bread, pray, destroy, enjoy, create, fight, build houses, hunt again for many generations of his ancestors. Then there troubled and blessed place is the town of Corleone. The first settlement in the area belong to the Neolithic Corleone, who is not versed in archeology – a VI century BC. This is one of the largest sites of ancient man in Sicily.

In the suburbs of Corleone a few sites. Already many years ago this area was very busy. In the archives, Corleone was first mentioned as a policy Skeram. It originated in the middle of III century BC. e., Cotte when Aurelio was Roman Consul in Sicily. The Romans built a road from Agrigento to Palermo, in the center of this road, the town controlled one of the most important strategic artery of the island. Important military value was maintained for many centuries. Without exception, all conflicts that took place in Sicily affect the city. Let your journey will be interesting!

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