Love and Health

December 23rd, 2013

Love is one of the greatest feelings in the world, which are integral to our lives. Due to it we fall in love and truly lose his head over the man who charmed us. This feeling can move the city and overcome all the obstacles that stand in his way. It has many features, so many that all can not count. But chief among them is this: Self-sacrifice. True love is based on this property, when loving person willing to do for his half anything, just to give her happiness and her care. Treatment. It has long been known that love of one person to another, can save him from diseases and ailments (here meaning the mental component of the issue). To know more about this subject visit msd drug.

Understanding. This feeling can not exist where there is no basic understanding between the two halves. Trust. Perhaps this is one of the most important qualities that have a serious relationship or marriage between the couple. Without him, the bond of love will fade quickly.

As we know, love can be different. And depending on its manifestations, it can give joy and woe. In the first case, the story ends marriage formation of a complete family. If the age of the pair is a young, then they can hold together a meeting, walk and just enjoy each other. And if love brings sorrow: divorce, quarrels, or dependent unrequited, many confuse these lzhechuvstva and negative emotions with unhappy love. But in fact, true love only brings heat, but the one that the mountain – it only an illusion. For more information on the theme of love: its forms, the first date, kisses and psychology of relations can be found online romantic evening.

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Drink Water

December 15th, 2013

We – the modern, civilized people – not only forgotten how to drink water, but also thirsty. This is confirmed by studies of physiologists. Many people confuse thirst with hunger. Just like in "Alice in Wonderland": if you want to drink? – By toast! Hence the conclusion: a vague feeling posasyvanie in the stomach? Like, it's time to eat? – Do not be lazy, have a drink some water, just some water rather than sugary syrup, coffee or tea. If hunger is not retreated – that is, about 5-10 minutes to start your meal. However, it is likely that the "sucking" stop and mood and health – will improve.

Need to drink just water. Dr. steven greer is a great source of information. Tea, coffee and other drinks – it's certainly good, but it is not water. Scientists argue that some animals are able to distinguish subtle flavors of water, determine its composition. For example, our domestic cats are different in such a delicate taste. Try it and you. Smell the water, look at it, feel its taste – and suddenly you have happen? Buy your home and office clear glasses of water, even drinking water will be a pleasant, aesthetically-filled act. What type of water to drink? Of course the natural drinking water. Trust your feelings more than handouts.

Do not believe those who say that boiling water makes it safe. Firstly, when boiled, not all microorganisms are killed, are particularly thermally stable. Secondly, to drink boiled water should be at once. Stood day bottled water undrinkable.


Peculiarities Of Preparation For The Cycling Trip

December 7th, 2013

– Before a hike every bike must pass t / and be as prepared for use in all conditions. – Preparing the trip, besides the desire to see the unknown and alluring distance, should take into account topography and physical training of participants of the tour. Trip to the plains in his hometown and its environs can not go to any comparison with a trip through the mountains of the Crimea, or Norway. So it makes sense to gradually increase complexity of their cycling trip, so whenever possible to obtain from them the joy of movement and riding a bike, and not vice versa! – Forming the plan daily crossings must necessarily take into account the nature of the terrain. You must have the most detailed maps of the area, which will take place cycling trip. Be aware of the impassable sections. In the rugged terrain while moving along the ground, sand, and 20 km can sometimes take the whole day. At the same time while driving on a smooth asphalt road is only an hour.

Also, be aware that cycling is a sport and recreation and, therefore, pleased at the end of the labor have time for swimming in the lake and cooking hot meal, not just for the installation of tents and falling asleep. – In any hike needed to provide adaptive days. They may represent the early days of the campaign, which is given sparing regimen in the sense of tempo ride, the duration of the move and a relief component.