Mad World Health

April 20th, 2011

Every day, at bedtime, I make a wish to wake up this morning absolutely crazy to understand this crazy world. So many questions do not find an answer. In a head spinning millions of thoughts. Which ones are correct and which completely unnecessary, not to understand. Where is it, this book of life, where everything is painted on the pages. Maybe she's at everyone? How to learn to read it? What is the purpose of life? – Happiness? And where is it? It is eternal or is it just a moment? In poiskax replies start to listen to others, read books, philosophers, sages. But all say completely different things. Who is right? And again there is no soul rest in my head do not stop spinning thoughts, questions Why in a time when there is no Slavery, the person does not feel free.

Why the family is a burden rather than happiness, why the living among the people feel completely misunderstood and lonely. Why 'must' and 'want' is never the same. Why when looking for is not is located, and when you stop to look, of course comes. Why is love leaves a man and a woman who once decided to be together forever and live together becomes intolerable. Why a person may be ugly thoughts and why he is able to destroy '. As the two halves can not find each other and why it happens so rarely. You start to think-think-think.

First, get scared about the chaos in my head. Then gradually is to place on the shelves. It turns out it's not so difficult. We need only ask "Why?". The answer will come. Maybe in the morning, can a week, but will be sure.

Diagnosis Of Cancer By Dogs .

April 4th, 2011

noticed that her dog's breed changed behavior. Dog became more lies to her and climb the nose on his arm. At first it looked like the game and Paula did not attach any great significance. But after examination, doctors discovered a she has cancer of lymph glands is in the place that so attracted by her dog. After which it was successfully operated on at the end of last year.

Paula says that: 'Kaspar is constantly shoved my face under his arm, and sometimes put his paw the same direction. I had no idea that there are any problems, until he was paid to this place so much attention. " Perhaps if not for the dog's behavior, the result of the operation could be different. Previously, dogs were kept in the surgical offices to detect cancer at an early stage. Of course for a more accurate diagnosis necessary medical tests, but the dogs need help to determine whether the test and whether there is cause for concern. The case occurred with Paula did not unit and is not something new to science. known cases when the dogs suddenly began to lick spots that suddenly appeared in their hosts. After people have passed inspection they found the cancer .Tak that he once again proves that the animals that surround us are not only loyal friends, but can also be reasonably accurate predictors able to save many lives.