Nutrition While Breastfeeding

March 29th, 2014

What should we eat while breastfeeding? A varied and complete diet is important. A child’s of the world get, attracts many changes. There thousands questions come up and everything revolves around the small slip. But should you give from the outset of course only the best his baby on a varied and complete diet in the breast-feeding because wants a mother, on the way. Each midwife and children’s nurse would recommend a new mother always breastfeeding, because thus her baby gets the perfect milk, which needs it. Dr. Steven Greer is open to suggestions.

In addition, breast milk contains many important immune substances and promotes the development of the child. For nursing mothers, it is important at least 2-3 a day to eat liquid l, because thus the milk production is stimulated. Nursing teas max. 2 cups should be, otherwise consumed the best water or tea. Sage and Peppermint teas are not to be recommended, because they inhibit the formation of milk for breastfeeding. Drinks containing caffeine, such as coffee or green tea can in Masses are taken to be. Who would like to promote the formation of milk, can drink a glass of malt beer daily. And who always has problems with breastfeeding, should pay attention to a peaceful environment and not to stress when it initially still really works.

Patience is the be-all and end-all. You can support in addition beverages and warm chest wound before breastfeeding with hot food, stimulates the flow of milk. Generally, to know that during lactation additional energy and nutrients necessary to feed a baby with breast milk. So lactating need about 630 calories in the first 4 months after the birth of a day in addition to the basic needs of approximately 2000 calories. At this time, it is important that you take daily at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables to. It should be Fruchtsaurehaltiges should be avoided, since this allergic reactions could cause the child E.g. miracle Po. In addition, fiber from whole grain products in the lactation are important to prevent Obstipationen. Swell food such as Cabbage should be avoided, because otherwise your child is plagued with short time later flatulence. To prevent iron deficiency, it is important to eat green leafy vegetables, red beet, meat and grains. 2-3 per week of fish would provide a sufficient fluorine and folic acid for mother and child. In principle, it is advisable Stillender dear for well-being 5 smaller meals than to take some big. If you make a healthy diet and make for a stress-free round to Wellness package, breastfeeding for you as a MOM fresh no problem should be more.

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Nutritional Supplement

March 29th, 2014

Spirulina is a genus of cyanobacteria (also on time FIBO Weider Germany brings a slew of new products to the food supplement market. Including the new product “Spirulina all natural capsules”. This is vegetarian Kapslen with vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Especially the so-called Spirulina come powder in addition to the high-quality grape seed extract in the eye. What exactly is this Spirulina? Spirulina is a genus of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae called). Spirulina is one of the richest protein organisms. The high Chlorosphyll content enables them to the Photosynthes and thus the production of organic matter and oxygen. In countries such as Africa or even Mexico, spirulina is used for human consumption.

In addition to the high nutritional value, spirulina is characterized by the high vitamin and mineral content. Spirulina is known also under the name micro-algae in the nutritional supplement market. Lately, the blue algae Spirulina at nutritional supplements has made a name. The seaweed is really but such healthy and what ingredients make Spirulina so special? Here are just some of the ingredients: 60% proteins (no other food has a high protein content) beta carotene Cobalamin (B12, bioactive) vitamin gamma-linolenic acid (polyunsaturated fatty acid) potassium, selenium, iodine, zinc, sodium, iron Phycocyanin and ss-carotene have an antioxidant effect. You can intercept free radicals and inhibit lipid oxidation. A test with male rats that has been reduced the animals were fed with Spirulina found the incidence of age-related inflammatory cytokines. So a kind of anti-aging effect.

Application of spirulina in the sport and gym Weider brought a product with vegetarian capsules and Spirulina powder with all natural on the market. The contained vitamins and minerals are essential for the utilization of carbohydrates and proteins, and serve to maintain the overall metabolic function of the organism. They protect the body from free radicals, have an anti-inflammatory effect, have a positive influence on blood lipids and strengthen the immune system. In summary one can say about the product: – provides important vitamins and minerals – metabolic functions are supported – strengthens immune system – anti-inflammatory function – regeneration of muscles is supported and very important also for the present. It is suitable for vegetarians.

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The Phantom Pain Of Infertility

March 22nd, 2014

It is actually information from the fertility research nothing special, becoming pregnant. Except if it not then succeed, if you want it. Infertility hurts most of you know the oft-cited number, that every seventh pair in Germany is affected by this issue at some point. But why do we get their personal stories to hear no more? Diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes, back pain, or even depression have reached a certain social acceptability to all and have their own magazines, charities or fundraising TV shows. But infertility? Despite the evidence that psychological consequences of infertility are more harmful than most other common diseases, people suffer with infertility in quietly. Most of the time don’t even know their family members by the pain that they go through. I have two explanations for this: I know the first scientific: A particular phenomenon must exist, so that one is able to describe and to see it in relations with something else.

In the event of the absence of a way to give a new life, there is nothing that you can pick up mentally, in a sense a vacuum. And an average human mind is simply not good at dealing with the absentees. Another problem is: it is practically indecent to talk about such things as infertility. In other diseases, you feel safe at the mention of heart, back, or even a person’s pancreas. And you can’t deny that depression somehow seriously sounds, or burn-out is almost a fad. How to catch on so to speak, that you can make a baby? The whole universe is on the one way or another to reproduce. How is it then that you fail constantly? I’m afraid that infertile people will – continue to suffer in silence no matter how many are affected.

Rarely anyone about his pain to talk about dares, and even then people talk only of the consequences of this Malfunction: marital problems or sexual difficulties, mental illness, pressure, fears of refusal of and financial burden. Not more. To go home. Silence. Bad sleep. Get up and move on. How often can a reasonable man use again and again on the principle of hope? Furthermore, the site is:. There you find a mixture of practical tips and simple and understandable written research reports, how women over thirty by moderate changes in their lifestyles, food and vitamins can increase their fertility. Independent and comprehensive information about the topics of egg quality, tips for pregnancy in women over 35 and increase female fertility. The texts are scientifically sound and written in a popular language.

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Psychologist Solange Martins

March 4th, 2014

9.Quais other institutions would be responsible for these children. 10.Qual the participation of on Government to the CREAS, to diminish the voluminous picture of children in street situation. 11.Em its opinion, if has applied the human rights in these children in situation of Street in the Juazeiro of the North? REPLY OF the QUESTIONNAIRE (IN REPORT FORM) Psychologist Solange Martins – SIC the Psychologist is a professional who is part of the team multidisciplinaridade of the CREAS, where in accordance with the demand passes the spoon and to guide the family and children and adolescent. It evaluates and folloies the child when its rights are violated. The CREAS has the responsibility to receive these citizens, is a space where the child and the adolescent are well-taken care of, with certainty it plays its role. Juazeiro of the North is a city of many tourists.

The religious culture vunerabiliza the increase of these citizens. This growth is a city of growth sufficiently fast makes with that the family is desestruturada. In my vision these are some factors for an increase of these children and adolescents. In the CREAS the term of office works other agencies together with as the advice to tutor, juvenile court and others. The CREAS already is the place where right social they are worked, it already it is a project of term of office as CRAS, PETI. The social managers have that to keep the CREAS so that he has the waited functioning of the professionals, keeping the structure of the CREAS.

The managers have that to fulfill with what he was idealized in the project. The service of psychology of the CREAS is essential to diminish the suffering of the citizen. subjectivity has that to be worked not alone by the psychologist, but all the professionals have a paper to brighten up the suffering. The children who are directed for the CREAS, it pass for a verification to evidence if it passed for some trauma where the case is worked by the CREAS, therefore the CREAS is a service specifies and the case has that to have the profile of the CREAS.