Managing Director Thomas Koller

May 13th, 2018

Now can I say from experience that CIRO is indeed unique in the sector of affordable luxury jewelry. Such a high quality commitment to naturally for best performance.” Santos accompanied CIRO now for one and a half years for each collection. Their creations are the heart of every new CIRO jewelry piece. The new: Trends in the coming autumn so persistently elegant pieces of jewelry by CIRO also are so much the Designhaus remains still on the search for new impulses and enduring seasonal fashions. “” CIRO now provides this fall under the topic roof of squeaky luxury “and ornaments from nature”. In the Athena collection soft, opulent animal motifs (by, among others, the Tiger eye standing for wisdom) and warm, smooth brown tones complement the sense of season sounding off”, determined by an earthy leaves and fluffy feathers.

The accessories are characterised by their special suitability for everyday use and perfect fit for cargo pants, riding outfits, or velvety nature cardigans. CIRO sets the counter point “with his pointed cabochons, where alone the beauty of stones” the focal point and provides a rich colour palette forever new glitter. Special feature: CIRO bead and CIROLIT is the core of the success story of CIRO natural origin: more precisely, it is a the so-called CIRO a Pearl, a lavishly produced gem with real Oyster core and an unmistakable gloss. In contrast to the usual in the fashion jewelry-making beads, their lighting stems only from their painting, consists of high-quality Muschelmasse the CIRO real Pearl and ensures the stability of tradition jewelry piece for many years. A zircon, which stands out from conventional Crystal stones by its hardness and resulting diversity and color depth is another distinctive element of each row of CIRO the radiant CIROLIT. The House: success story and updates of CIRO is an Austrian designer jewellery company headquartered in Vienna, currently around 15 employees. As a manufacturer of high-quality Designschmucks with stunning variety and countless combinations opts for CIRO has always been fashion jewelry with Goldsmith quality”, which lasts for generations thanks to full casting and exquisite materials. The traditional house in 1917, when it presented the first Pearl of the world laid the foundation stone for the success story of your own.

From then on was the terrain of the sustainable Designschmucks”followed and at the same time promote the centuries-old tradition of the Goldsmith’s art in the domestic jewelry segment. Today, CIRO works with modern 3D modeling, where the artistic designs on the computer to three-dimensional models are elaborated and then translated into resin positive by a 3D printer, before these are then cast as before hundreds of years using an old Goldsmith procedure. Besides his two Viennese branches on the Karntner Strasse shopping street and more recently in the Centre of the Danube CIRO also has flagship stores in Hamburg, Stuttgart and Innsbruck. The company is headed by Managing Director Elisabeth Koller Gallen and Managing Director Thomas Koller. Cut of the CIRO collections you can download under:… Contact Susanne Knoll, sky high PR T: 0650 400 1495, E:

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GmbH Institute

May 13th, 2018

New software helps validate and improve gender-neutral language. For many, it is a necessary evil a horror, for others, the rest rather amused himself: the gender-neutral rewording of our language. Especially politics, administrations, universities have to suffer from the need to formulate often gender equitable. One of the main problems is that the boundaries are not clearly defined. Where starts gender neutrality, where does it end? Must you write now pedestrian – and pedestrian zone? Or even upper citizens and citizen master? It is also problematic that there are no single solutions. So the an instead of students can a University that neutral students’ use, anywhere else, however, writes students”while elsewhere in turn by students or students speaks. “Each administration, any agency, or University has plenty of room in the implementation of a Gender fair language”, explains Dr.

Anikar Haseloff, Managing Director of the Institute for intelligibility, that has developed the software testing. This is on the one hand of course positive, but also a source for a wide variety of manipulations even within a single administration. Target but should always be, that a management is also always the same with language.” More efficient to be able to tackle automatic examination on violations to the issues related to this topic, the linguist of the Institute have developed a software-based test for intelligibility. This gender module of software TextLab checks automatically on possible violations of a gender fair language texts and supplies also equal more hints what to look at these places and how these places so can be rewritten, that they are considered gender fair. The software detects when it is said, for example, in the context of a University only by students. The relevant passage is then marked, and the editor receives the note here also to call the female form or to use students equal to the neutral word”, takes Oliver Haug, second Director of the Institute. Which ultimately uses the management, can be decided individually, this also takes into account the new module”.

Because a user can teach the software, which control want to apply it in the future. So, then getting the right replacement is proposed to the user. Enterprises and administrations can continuously develop the test and steadily that suit their own needs, because the language is so unique as the company and also evolved. The function has been developed jointly with the Ministry of the Interior of Baden-Wurttemberg and the city of Wiesbaden, which involved both great detail with this problem. This valuable experience and practice-proven solutions could be included from the outset with the development. Is also actively working on the further development University of Hohenheim, where this topic is also on the agenda. Through this network of practitioners and scholars, the function should be further developed and ultimately are a broad group of users available. H & H communication lab GmbH the H & H communication lab GmbH is an Institute for intelligibility. The company was founded in 2006 with headquarters in Ulm, Germany. The Institute focuses on the areas of clarity research and language analysis. With the software TextLab, the Institute has developed a versatile tool for editors, and companies with which the language can be controlled effectively.

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Managing Director

May 11th, 2018

Homes that are not only beautiful, but also healthy is the trend towards attractive planned buildings above all healthy and high-quality timber construction. Previously, so-called bio houses were architecturally rather undemanding. Today, it is quite different, so Dagmar Fritz-Kramer, Managing Director of the wooden house company Baufritz. We plan holistically, ecologically perfect houses with design according to the individual wishes of our customers. The company sees itself as a perfectionist. This is also reflected in the execution of the details, the facade optics and material compositions: wood, glass, stainless steel from the timeless country mansion to the factually accurate Bauhaus architecture.

The naming of this so-called full-value houses”sends the high handicraft class. Here, the houses with the latest technology are produced precisely and computer-controlled. Baufritz dares the balancing act between organic perfection and individual design combined with the latest technology. Here also worry-free plays Building and living a great role. Because more and more future homeowners looking for not just individual design, but attach great importance to healthy living and best Energiesparwerte. The Allgau wood construction expert has exceptional House concepts and new developments in the field of home health for many years and talk of energy saving: this begins pollutant and health advice with the land search and analysis of load factors,. The Designhauser are strictly for building biological concepts planned and produced. Dr. steven greer describes an additional similar source.

Just received this special health concept, for example, the ALLoKH “seal of the Institute for health and the environment. All materials used are strictly tested on harmful substances. This will benefit not only people with allergies. In addition, a special electro-smog protection level, which consists of natural gypsum and a thin carbon Edition, is built in the exterior walls and the roof. This reduces the high-frequency radiation acting by external and low-frequency electrical alternating fields, such as the the burden of mobile phone transmitters has been shown to a minimum. 37 cm strong energy wood walls and a patented organic insulation made of natural wood chips provide outstanding thermal insulation. The construction-Fritz GmbH & co. KG combines decades of experience in the wood building and traditional values with the latest technical know-how and extensive research. The Allgau company is considered a pioneer for ecological and sustainable building and used only natural, strictly tested for harmful substances and materials. Over 40 tonnes of CO2 are stored in each Baufritz wood House. This value corresponds to the average CO2 emissions of a middle-class vehicle in 20 years at 10,000 km annual output. Baufritz belongs to the most modern and most research houses companies in Europe. This is confirmed by numerous patents, including worldwide, and regular awards.

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Managing Director

May 10th, 2018

“‘nature + Cosmos’ and Panel select ForestFinance investment idea to the ‘ project future ‘ together with a panel of experts, the environmental magazine nature + Cosmos certain innovative investment idea CacaoInvest” the Bonn party of sustainable forest direct investments ForestFinance to the future project of the month of August. CacaoInvest is an exemplary project that meets both ecological, economic and social criteria”. It combines environmental and social commitment with the demands of a financial return for investors. The selection of the winning projects of the future”is worldwide and in collaboration with representatives from twenty natural, environmental and development organisations and institutions. According to Wikipedia, “the future project is the centerpiece of the magazine. Selected projects that are equally pioneering in environmental, economic and social terms would be. These projects are designed to demonstrate how a positive globalization can look”. You may want to visit Teva Pharmaceuticals to increase your knowledge.

The magazine nature + Cosmos is regarded as the oldest and the best-known medium on the topics of environmental protection and sustainability in the German-speaking world. We are very happy and are proud of the fact that our concept of CacaoInvest at this prestigious Panel finds recognition. In fact, CacaoInvest is a prime example, as we need to manage our forests in the future: climate-friendly, as a home for many animals and plants and fair workplace for the people living there. To connect this to a truly green investment is particularly positive. The result of such agro-forestry extends far beyond delicious organic chocolate”, emphasizes Harry Aboagye, Managing Director of forest finance service GmbH.

So far over 200 hectares with a total 150,000 seedlings have been reforested since the start of the project by CacaoInvest in 2008. The interplay between ecology, economy and social commitment it causes a sustainable development. It grows a return of equivalent annually six to eight percent for investors. The revenues come from the sale of bananas, Cocoa beans, seeds and seedlings as well as crawl and end cut wood.

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May 8th, 2018

The work of all director is the consecusin of objectives. All that can include such accomplishment does feeling equal interest by the human objectives like by those of economic order. Its attitude towards those to those who it directs, influences its acts. There is then obligation to help to the personnel so that it gets to be more productive, more valuable, worthier of itself and of his companies when being achieving his objectives and those of the company. We are never worth of the people, nor we tried to have more of them; it is instructed, it inspired and it stimulated obtaining so ” quieran” to make the things. You may want to visit Dr. Stuart M. McGill to increase your knowledge. Not that they must do them. The most important task is to cause than the people are realised and been successful, because these people will reach important results solely.

In order to obtain the greater yield we must know how as to stimulate them to a major effort-for obtaining it we must know its intentions, personal objectives and what thinks of the work that realise. Their aspirations and reach of their ambition. We must know that the familiar life is something that affects to the man in its work. To include/understand which he is its spirit of fight – or absence of this. And n few words we must know that ” mueve” to our men. We must deal with to our men according to its way being. The conditions under which a man works, the momentary familiar situation, causes that they move in different form, is not only logic question, but also a problem of emotional order. We must approach us them, understand them and be able to stimulate to them under different circumstances.

They build impelled by different reasons, come these from its interior. Reason is everything what from his interior it urges to him the action. All motivation es” car-motivacin”. We discover that it motivates helping to them them with ideas that act envelope they like an inner force, what it is that quality dedicated of each of us, we emphasize it, that stimulates to them in their growth. It does not fall in the trap of works looking for errors: the people work better within an acceptance atmosphere that of critic.


There Is The Book Shop – Online Booksellers

May 4th, 2018

For each, there is the right book shop online for every purpose and for every potential customers there is the matching eShop. There, we cannot make out even the online bookstore. Different business models have it enforced: the all-rounder, the specialist, and the Second-Hand sales. The market leader Amazon dominates the market but without question and is also out of the competition. To be able to buy books online was only really attractive with Amazon for the German bibliophile. The ALLROUNDER offer everything else in addition to books, what is conceivable: CDs, books, electronics, appliances, even textile. However, the core business revolves around the sale of books.

Mostly a platform is available in addition to of privately purchased books to resell the online bookseller offers its platform for processing for and receives a small proportion of either from the seller, only from the buyer or both of the sales total. Specialists, however, are the ones the fact sell only”books and related works. Particularly antiquarian works can be purchased more easily online, as online booksellers have access to a widely branched network of suppliers and in contrast to the classic bookshop around the corner you can give directly informed, when the desired movement can be delivered up in the homely living room. Unfortunately, specialists have the shortcoming that the DVD not ordered can be annoying to the book if you would like to purchase both at once. Second-Hand distributors differ as far as from antique shops, they distribute most any high-quality volumes. Especially the online book bookshops in the race, providing teaching and non-fiction are the contrary. There are usually the way, from private to private sale runs through the online bookseller then only the settlement. Who has neither the time nor the desire to run early Saturday morning at the flea market and there after the required textbooks to look, which is fast to the keyboard access and online buy his books.