Medical Tourism In Singapore

June 29th, 2013

A British ex-colonia, Singapore is a town on the island located in the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, South of the border with Malaysia.It covers only 424 square miles (683 km2).Its small size (is nearly 3.5 times the size of Washington, DC) allows an easy and fast way to travel throughout the country. Since it is a former colony and a multicultural nation (Chinese constitute 77% of the population, 8% Indians and Malays 14%), Singapore offers a fusion of culture, gastronomy, architecture, religion, language and art. Despite the fact that health care is more expensive than in the India and Thailand (which is still 50% more economical than the United States.UU.), Singapore attracts large medical tourism with his family and world class medical infrastructure, cleaning and order of first quality.In addition, the environment outside of Singapore is in stark contrast to the poverty and lack of development in the India, and pollution and chaos of Bangkok, that in turn, it mitigates feelings of foreigners by culture shock. Medical tourism in Singapore offers medical centers that provide a variety of services for dentistry, orthopaedics, urology, dermatology, cardiology, medicine of the sport, ophthalmology, Endocrinology, and cosmetic procedures to alternative medicines such as traditional Chinese medicine, including acupuncture and herbal remedies. In addition, liposuction and facelift surgeons medical tourism in Singapore, carried out are the most recommended in the world.

Medical Tourism In Mexico

June 17th, 2013

Medical tourism is one of the most fruitful and entertaining ways of travelling the world, since we cover two needs at the same time. On the one hand our demands to improve aspects that concern us in terms of health through medical tourism, and on the other hand spend an unforgettable journey taking advantage of immeasurable leisure which owns Mexico. Doing good advantage of a great health tourism, we can get that after a brief but intense and exciting trip to any pioneer town in the world in aesthetic medicine, as it is Mexico, back to home with our objectives have been met and the satisfaction that everything went as we had hoped. Each person’s personal needs is the starting point to encourage to make quality medical tourism in a country like Mexico that in recent years has progressed a lot in the field of medicine getting moved to their large clinics progress of the scientific community. Aesthetic treatments that made aesthetic medicine centres of the Latin American country cover the almost all the services that are typically find with this type of tourism, and at prices cheaper than other European countries thanks to the currency exchange and other related aspects. Leisure in Mexico is linked to the music. Music is the instrument that has joined the Mexican population for centuries, and nowadays many of the singers of success on the international scene come from this country. If we like the music, there is no better place in the world to enjoy the real intensity of the music industry that in Mexico, along with an impressive medical tourism.

Medical Tourism In Serbia

June 10th, 2013

Located in southeastern Europe, on the Balkan peninsula, Serbia was part of the former Yugoslavia, but in 2006 the country became, officially, in a unique and independent unit. Despite the turbulent past of Servia, by getting involved in the Yugoslav wars in the 1990s, his transformation has been fabulous, and is currently a democratic, hospitable site and very safe, ideal for touring. Serbia is rising rapidly to the top of medical tourism in Europe, by its world-class, with modern facilities and very cheap prices, and along with the kindness of the people, becomes it a truly warm and pleasant experience. Moreover, Serbia is known for its natural environment of healing due to its 350 thermal springs of different chemical compositions that can strengthen the body’s ability to heal after a medical, ideal procedure for cosmetic surgery. Spas and medical centers with inexpensive, but luxurious accommodation have sprouted. About hot springs and many spas have staff trained in the provision of medical services.In addition, many packages of medical tourism in Serbia include visits to his room by a nurse or a doctor without additional cost. The most popular procedures sought after for medical tourism in Serbia include increased breast, dermatology, dentistry, Rhinoplasty and liposuction. Each and every one of them are in charge of the best surgeons in the territory, comparable, in knowledge and practice to excellent doctors in the West.


Medical Association

June 4th, 2013

If we add that many still on the hunt for many species, with you solely for purpose of profit then tell me you if we need to be prophets to guess or view our future what awaits us? where are we going? surely NASA and many scientists know the answer but I reiterate that need not be scientific, nor Prophet, to know say that cures for cancer if there is, but that those who control medicine and pharmacists of the world do not want to know does because when the Medical Association of the United States said they had found the cure for cancer, suddenly had to recant? an industry that has as many admissions for drugs, would never leave something gets in your way here is not about what is right or good for humanity, but about what generates money. The power elite has been used to activate the It greed and malice lead to devastation and sow hatred that corrupts the brotherhood of humanity. The secret is to properly leverage the power of your mind and your time; If you are not pure of heart and does not use his power to benefit his neighbor, to animals, to any be alive, will be traveling the wrong way. Many of the best things in life are priceless, are free you can’t afford is a sunset or controlling an ocean can’t buy life, love confidence or harmony cannot be negotiated with spirituality, family and faith clean air, wildlife, mountain climbing, cool our bodies in the shade or enjoy the warmth of the Sun bathing in a Lakea river or the sea these things are natural, come love in the purest sense of the word worries Me much ecology worries me much the way in which the Earth, our planet, is responding to need to be aware of that, if we save our planet, the changes that naturally occur by cycles, will be less I wonder if we can achieve this? were they coming hard times, more than what we imagine nature is beginning to be charged.