Buenos Aires

May 26th, 2021

There were who conditioned that figure to a city where the private cars, were not accommodated discounting at all these alternatives the disappearance of that type of vehicle, discussing, if it should undergo gradual or drastically. Also, and so is columbre the intensity of the issues discussed, will raise the dilemma between ecological cities and ecological villages, arguing that these latest gave more opportunities for sustainability. As you can be seen, and this goes perceiving Crescent shaped through the contents of the media, the advances are becoming reality. The issue, as reflected in almost all forums where these issues are discussed is the reluctance of the bulk of the populations included somehow in the variant american way of life of the Euro-American civilization, to even get idea that there are lifestyles that are unsustainable. Now Wilfredo Pareto in their Tratatto di Soziologia Generale de 1917, identified as one of the basic human attitudes (waste) to neophobia, or fear of the new.

Actually new, it is not so much. What is happening is several preceding generations there previous ones, who believed with foundations based on his experiences that he could cope with the day-to-day existence of a mode, it begins to rapidly become unsustainable. Aligned within currents favouring a cultural change to address this inevitable problem for our stock, we only intend to continue contributing to suggest to begin to consider other than those which lifestyles should be adopted until now made it possible to large swaths of the population, enjoy a relative high quality of life, which is checking that it has been short-lived. Paradoxically, they would seem to be in better ability and fitness to cope with imaginable future scenarios, those sectors of the population of the planet which in some degree were being excluded, high quality that to the only dessert I enjoyed minority. We insist that the purpose of the present communication, and preceded them and be as possible that they will continue to do, is to make a contribution, limited by our capabilities, so that people incorporate their personal agendas, everything that has been emanating from institutional agendas, that we don’t not reaching still with the necessary intensity daily stocks of persons. For even more opinions, read materials from Robert Rubin. When more prepared are our encouragement for the emergencies that are being installed, more possibilities will be processed with the minimum of possible traumaticidad. Drafting is complete on Friday, June 6, 2008, in the city of Buenos Aires.

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