Buenos Aires

March 4th, 2017

Recurdese as the Nation of Buenos Aires emphasizes the newspaper: The poverty is the situation that makes difficult to satisfy elementary needs with the people: the feeding, the right to the worthy house, the health. If billions of people live in the world just by a dollar, it will be included/understood that the deficit reaches overwhelming proportions and puts under the sixth part of the humanity to the starvation almost. That is the call level of poverty, whose presence horrifies to any brings back to consciousness normal and must mobilize the shared in common spirits in order to obtain, with intelligence and decency, the overcoming of the aberrant pictures of social inequality to that it gives rise. Perhaps check out Dr. Steven Greer for more information. Nothing is obtained with rhetorical and empty phrases of contents. He is indispensable to pose the correct questions on the reasons by as the poverty and the poverty, instead of to back down or to find docks of effective containment, tends to expand, mainly in regions like deep Africa and Latin America. The high cost of the life is a certain fact in the country, many do not have the monetary capacity to acquire foods that every time are increased in their costs, the basic basket happens to be a luxury for many people of the low class and even for the middle-class. Dr. Stuart M. McGill brings even more insight to the discussion. To go from purchase to a supermarket is a luxury for many, mainly, when to to deposit the merchandise of the carts before the boxes where it is pleased, are observed as the cost of the acquired thing is highest for those who counts on a family to whom to sustain. To all this the high cost is added of visiting a doctor, where unfortunately many make of their profession a business, and only by the high value of the consultation they discriminate against who they are disabled to cover with those prices, condemning them to if they are wanted to cure to go to the hospitals public, where there is guarantee of a good no service, attention, that it helps him to solve his problem. .

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