Food For The Day

November 5th, 2020

Before bed: Tea, 2 prunes. 3rd day: Breakfast: Black coffee or tea without sugar, 5 crackers and 1 slice of cheese. 2nd breakfast: 1 small apple. Lunch: 1 boiled egg, 1 cucumber (fresh or salted), 4 radishes, 1 slice of bread. Lunch: 1 / 2 cup tuna, 1 cup of cooked beets, 1 cup cauliflower, 1 crisp bread.

Option: Replace the tuna to 200 grams (raw weight) chicken, cooked as described above. Before bed: 1 / 2 small melon or a small apple. This diet can be repeated many times until the achieve the desired results. If it just needed a lot of drinking – 6-8 cups of plain water a day. Diet for four days the first day Breakfast: 1 orange + 2 hard boiled eggs + 1 cup of black coffee. Lunch: 8 prunes, soaked in water.

Dinner: 1 egg + 1 orange. Second day: Breakfast: 1 cup of coffee + a piece of low-fat cheese. Lunch: 1 egg + 1 orange. Dinner: 1 pear + 1 glass of milk. Third day: Breakfast: 1-2 cups of tea. Dinner: 1 cucumber 1pomidor + + piece of cheese. Dinner: 1 cup milk. Fourth Breakfast: cereal in juice or milk. Dinner: 1 cucumber 1 tomato +. Dinner: 2 oranges. Diet for 13 days duration of the diet for 13 days. By the end of 13 days you lose weight by 7-8 kg. On day 14 you can have what you want, but in moderation. This diet will change your metabolism. You will not be for three years to recover. During the diet must do exercises and massage. Monday Breakfast: Black coffee without sugar. Lunch: 2 eggs, 1 tomato and green salad. Dinner: a big steak, fried under pressure in a small amount of vegetable oil. Tuesday Breakfast: Black coffee without sugar toast. Lunch: a big steak, grilled in a press with a green salad and tomatoes. Dinner: a portion of a soup. Wednesday Breakfast: Black coffee without sugar toast. Lunch: a big steak, grilled in a press with a green salad. For more specific information, check out rodney atkins images. Dinner: 2 eggs with 2 slices lean ham. Thursday Breakfast: Black coffee without sugar toast. Lunch: 1 egg, 1 carrot, cheese. Dinner: fruit salad, a cup of yogurt. Friday Breakfast: shredded carrots with lemon. Lunch: piece of fish, fried under pressure and tomato. Dinner: a big steak, grilled in a press with a green salad. Saturday Breakfast: Black coffee without sugar toast. Lunch: piece of chicken, fried without fat, green salad. Dinner: a big steak, green salad. Sunday Breakfast: tea without sugar. Lunch: beef or other meat on a skewer, green salad. Dinner: whatever you want, only moderately! Drinks: only water (plain or mineral water). Carrots can be replaced with a tomato and vice versa. Remember sitting on the diet for their health. I wish you to be slim and healthy!

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The Next Step

October 27th, 2020

Thus, in my last occupational period stopped going to my patients and their parents, the needs that went beyond prescribing a medication or try to find a diagnosis. Only I saw it almost a year after I retired when I started reading about the syndrome and could self-diagnose and understand my change. Can not imagine how I would go for each of those patients who did not attend as they should, to offer my apologies! I can not do so, first because I have no access to the files of these patients and secondly because I live too far from my homeland. This knowledge drove me to write these lines to ask all those who read them to be more understanding with physicians in general. They are human beings and can be as sick as I was without knowing it. Do not think that because doctors know everything.

Nothing is further from the truth! Patients in general tend to think that the doctor did not pay proper attention they deserve. And is not that they are right in many cases. What happens is that the practitioner may be going through a difficult period in your life that you can not see the needs that his patient, and perhaps, when you realize you no matter what happened to me can not apologize or amend failure. I believe the vast majority of those who have chosen this profession have as its main goal, "Help." If we fail is not voluntary. Not in most cases. Of course there will always be exceptions like in any rule.

Therefore I reiterate to all who read this article which is more lenient the next time you see one of them and not criticizing it out and seeing only the negative. Sometimes the pressure we experienced in our profession is so great that it prevents us from reasoning clearly. There is a life at stake in our hands and that if it is not something simple! Today I'm on the other hand, went from being a professional, a simple patient and perhaps that's why my vision is different. Remember, reflect upon and understand. Perhaps we all learn to see the other side of things that are not always visible.


Stay Healthy Diet

October 25th, 2020

We are reminded of health, when we start to lose it. That's when we give ourselves the word to begin a new life on Monday, for example, go on a diet to lose weight, join a gym, start jogging in the morning … The list can be continue. For a while, we even carry out the planned program, but sooner or later come back to their old habits: eat as horrible and anything, forget about exercise and fitness room. Meanwhile, as the experience, time-health-restoring measures that we use, and can also give temporary results. But if we want to maintain health and prevent most diseases, it is necessary habit to a healthy lifestyle, and First of all, a healthy diet. What are the specific rules of supply should be followed? Firstly, all the nutritionists in a Golas argue that power should be balanced, and should be resorted to dieting as a enforced as, for example, during the illness.

The fact that the food we need to get all necessary for normal functioning of body components, and is about 200. And more than half of them are essential (Minerals, vitamins, fiber, etc.). If we do not get outside, work out with us they can not be that dangerous for the organism. Long-term violation of these laws leads to disease. Very long – to the death. That's why we can not to sit only on fruits and vegetables, although they are very necessary to us as a source of vitamins and other nutrients. But fats with proteins we need, so your diet should include lean meats and sea average fat content of fish. Food should be varied.

The main thing – to observe moderation, then do not have to struggle with excess weight. And health problems will not arise, because, as Paracelsus said: "there is a cure all, and everything is poison, and only separates the dose from one another. You may find that Nancy Dubuc can contribute to your knowledge. " It is also important to properly distribute the food throughout the day: the most calorie food should be eaten in the morning (no later than the afternoon). By the way, adhering to the rule – a more effective means to lose weight than various diets. Regarding the frequency of power supply, it must be a fraction, 4-5 times a day. Intervals between meals: about 3 hours. But overeating should be avoided, as it stretches the stomach and leads to its mechanical damage. Better, as the Japanese say, to leave the table with a feeling of light starvation. It is very important during the meal without being distracted. Do not force the brain to choose priorities: food or, say, reading. Food, to make it more digestible, to slowly and chew. In conclusion, to drink during the day must be at least 1.5-2 liters of fluid. It can be tea, milk, juice. But the Clean Water Act should not be forgotten. But fizzy drinks should be kept to a minimum, so they stimulate the gastrointestinal tract. Many of the frequent use of carbonated beverages may have unpleasant and even painful. Do not get involved in mineral water – it can lead to imbalance of minerals in the body.


Second Hemostatic

December 22nd, 2019

"BIATRAVM" is a two-layer medium consisting of hemostatic collagen sponge and non-woven material lavsan, proven itself as a wound cover, stimulating regenerative processes and has good drainage properties. Experimental studies were conducted on 24 mongrel dogs of both sexes. All the animals were divided into 4 experimental series (6 animals in each group). In the first series after the injury was carried out modeling standard hemostasis by suture catgut, in the second – lavsan in the third for the application and plugging hemostatic sponge was used in the fourth – the biological atraumatic wound covering "BIATRAVM." The choice of means of comparison groups due to the fact that the literature is the most gut common suture in injuries of parenchymal organs, polyester is part of the "BIATRAVMA" as a basis and a hemostatic sponge and a component of "BIATRAVMA" and frequently used hemostatic tool. Animals were derived from the experiment at 14 days. During the autopsy was evaluated pathological changes, severity of adhesions by the semantic differential in points (Lipatov, VA, 2001). For histological examination were taken of tissue surrounding the area and haemostatic suturing of (liver and spleen with soldered to the field of surgical intervention authorities).

Micromorphological study paintings done by light microscopy, digital fotoprotokolirovaniya using the method of morphometrics. The data obtained by standard methods of variation statistics. At autopsy in the field trauma of adhesions observed in all cases. In animals, the first series of pointed podpaivanie right lobe of the liver to the ventral wall. Liver injury in her place was fixed to the extensive fusion of planar bottom wall of the stomach. Pole of spleen were shrouded in place suturing tissue of the greater omentum. Spleen capsule coated with organizing fibrin. In all cases, the implementation of the hemostatic lavsan (second series) to the seams of the liver were fixed strands of the greater omentum.

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Aquarius Stones

December 21st, 2019

Amber has a curative effect when infections, brings peace and balance, helping to make decisions. Aquamarine meteozavisimost Relieves and helps with respiratory diseases, clears the mind and enhances psychic abilities. Lapis lazuli It soothes, reduces body temperature, protects the heart and kidneys, strengthens the feeling of confidence. As well as helping to find a man his own personal truth, to become a master of inner peace. On emerald can just watch. It is very useful to the eye.

Just emerald saves from depression, fever, leprosy, epilepsy. At the head of the bed or under your pillow relieves insomnia. When worn around the neck improves eyesight and eliminate forgetfulness. Promotes longevity, protects adultery. Protects from annoying the visitors. Dreams of the person wearing the emerald, very often come true.

Protects the diamond from the evil eye, cleanses the face of the stains, and the breath from the stench. Green diamond promotes the normal course of pregnancy and childbirth easier. The most efficient diamond, resulting in a selfless gift. Diamond is not useful to the person who bought it. Diamond with interior stains and is considered the most unlucky fatal stone. But the stones must be cautious. They say that the rocks there and dangerous. For example, such as alexandrite and opal. It is said that initially attracts Alexandrite trouble for the person who wears it. But on After many years he had become accustomed to his master, charging him – gives him courage and good humor! As for Opal, they say that it even contains a poison that poisons its owner. It is also worth to treat with suspicion and to lunar rock … Moon. Her alluring mysterious light … It is believed that the stone may have adverse effects. But in reality, if the stone is unfavorable, it does not mean that it will harm you as well. All this is very individually. Undeniable relationship have heaven, earth, stones, zodiac. Every stone, like a man meets a certain season, day, hour. Each stone is most active during certain periods of time. For example, Calendar, published in Augsburg in 1481, shows the connection between body, stones and zodiac signs. Aries corresponds sardonyx; Taurus – korneolu, Gemini – topaz; Cancer – chalcedony; Leo – jasper, Virgo – emerald; Scales – beryl; Scorpio – amethyst; Sagittarius – Hyacinth, Capricorn – chrysoprase; Aquarius – rock crystal; Pisces – sapphire. And most importantly – can now be easily explained by our desire to have some or other jewelry with precious stones. After all, they bring health and love! Almost all the rocks, framed in gold, becoming stronger, with the exception of black stones – they are more suitable silver.

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Alcoholic Psychoses

September 24th, 2019

Alcoholic psychoses – a psychosis, occurring against the backdrop of long-term excessive alcohol consumption. They are usually observed in patients during the acute abstinence period after long drinking sessions or at the end of a long binge amid falling daily doses of alcohol (which is associated with the depletion of the patient). The development of alcoholic psychoses are influenced by additional factors that worsen the patient's condition, – injuries, acute poisoning (eg, surrogate alcohol, drugs, etc.), comorbidities. Currently accepted that the development of alcoholic psychosis plays a big role a combination of several factors: the endo-and exogenous intoxication, metabolic disorders, primarily central nervous system neurotransmitters, immune disorders. Psychoses are the signs of alcoholism, the second and third stages, which are characterized by pronounced disturbances of homeostasis (Relative constancy of the dynamic composition and properties of the internal environment and ustoychivostiosnovnyh physiological functions of man). Each transferred accompanied by a persistent psychosis, and often irreversible changes in the central nervous system, manifesting as a chronic encephalopathy, residual delirium, etc. From a clinical point of view, isolated severe, protracted and chronic psychoses.

Alcoholic psychoses divided into the following types: * Alcoholic delirium (delirium tremens). Acute course. * Alcoholic hallucinosis. Acute, protracted and chronic types of flow. * Alcoholic delusional psychosis (paranoid alcoholic, alcoholic delusions of jealousy). Acute, protracted and chronic types of flow. * Alcoholic encephalopathy (acute encephalopathy, chronic encephalopathy, Wernicke encephalopathy, Gaye, alcoholic psevdoparalich.) Alcohol paranoid (delusions prosecution) alcohol delusions of persecution (paranoid alcoholic) – is one form of alcohol psychosis.

Occurs in the second stage of alcoholism, after years of the existence of alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Develops paranoid, usually on the first day after the end of many days of alcohol abuse. Often the appearance of alcoholic delusions of persecution precedes a longer soak, or increasing doses of alcohol. First noted sleep disturbances, mood becomes depressed patients, increased irritability.

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Ventral Series

June 13th, 2019

Seam welded to the stomach granulomas observed in 3 cases (50%), and commit them to the ventral surface of the wall have been identified. When used for hemostasis of spleen lavsan seams as well as in animals in series with catgut noted Wrapping the poles of the greater omentum. In animals, the third series of pronounced massive adhesions in the upper floor of the abdomen. Left and right lobe of the liver, wall of stomach, small and large intestines spayanny each other. Idan ofer may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The poles are wrapped in caul spleen. The animals in the implementation of hemostasis by means of hemostatic "BIATRAVM" (fourth edition) at the top half of the abdomen also occurs massive adhesions. Adhesions formed between the lobes of the liver, stomach, duodenum and form a single conglomerate with a large gland.

Pole of spleen as well as in other series wrapped omentum. The severity of adhesions in the first series was 3,3 0,3 points in the second series of 3,2 0,2 points in the third series of 3,2 0,2 points, and in the fourth series of 3,3 0, a score that does not involve a statistically significant difference (P = 0,97). Histologically, catgut fiber is oxyphilic fragmented mass, filament yarns are compact lavsan have a flat surface, homogeneous structure and does not look histological dyes. Collagen, which is the remnants of the hemostatic sponge has the form of a homogeneous mass, and the implantation means "Biatravm" found chaotic polyester filament located no signs of degradation. Environment gut connective tissue capsule with unclear boundaries and extends beyond the several fields of view, consists of loose convoluted malouporyadochennyh collagen fibers with a massive lymphocyte-macrophage infiltration. Connective tissue capsule that surrounds the polyester yarn has clear boundaries, consists of circularly arranged located long, thin collagen fibers, tightly adjacent to each other. Cellular composition is scanty, is represented by the fibroblasts, fibrocytes, macrophages, and isolated leukocytes.

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Ivannikov SV Fracture

April 21st, 2018

the most severe damage to the ankle and up 7% of all skeletal injuries 4. Results: Ankle previously regarded as a cylindrical helical hinge. Bending foot, as it were come unscrewed from the plug with simultaneous ankle supination her, and bringing a small rotation inside. When straightening foot, on the contrary, as if the plug is screwed into the joint, at the same time it is pronation, abduction and slight external rotation. It is known that the ankle is shaped like a truncated cone with the base directed toward the fibula. The imaginary axis of the cone is rotated by about 10 degrees relative to the proximal articular surface of the talus, and 25 degrees relative to the frontal plane. For practice, it is important that the imaginary axis of the ankle goes from the lower edge of the inner ankle to the lower edge of the outer ankle 1. Pylons fractures called fractures of the distal tibia metaepiphysis arising from the effects of axial forces of high-energy, which leads to position of the foot during the injury, the direction and magnitude of traumatic force.

Also, damage to the ankle depends on the direction of traumatic force which may be of 3 types: adduction, abduction, rotation. During supination external Ligamental structures are strained. With a gap of enhanced external adduction ligament tear or fracture podsindesmozny outer ankle, and the talus clicks the inner ankle, resulting in a fracture occurs and the vertical plane. If supinate stop the load is rotated outward, in addition to the external voltage lateral ligaments stretched anterior ligament syndesmosis. If the force continues its impact, then there is an oblique or spiral fracture nadsindesmozny chrezsindesmozny or outer ankle. Rotating astragalus may pull back a bunch of syndesmosis, breaking it, or removing a bone fragment posterior margin of the tibia.

Its destructive effect of the rotating talus fracture completes the inner ankle or torn deltoid ligament. When pronatsionnom position of the foot stretched internal structures. If there is a rigid abduction, can be torn deltoid ligament tear or inner ankle (with the horizontal fracture). Then continuing Violence breaks both syndesmosis ligament tears or bone fragments in them. Then the autopsy results in a fracture of the fibula at or above the syndesmosis. If at the initial position of the foot she pronatsionnom rotated laterally, there is a gap deltoid ligament or transverse fracture of the inner ankle. With the continuing rotation of the outer talus anterior ligament rupture occurs tibiofibular syndesmosis or separation of the bone attachment 2, 3. Conclusions: The mechanism of the pylon fractures depends on the direction of the damaging efforts and position of the foot at the time of injury. References 1. Oganesyan OV, Ivannikov SV, Korshunov AV Recovery form and function of the ankle joint hinge-distraction apparatus. – Moscow: BINOM. Laboratory knowledge. – Medicine. – 2003. – S. 12-13 2. Shabanov AN, Kay I., Sartan VA Atlas fractures ankle and their treatment. – M.: Medicine. – 1972. – S. 44-67. 3. Kao KF, Huang PJ, Chen YC, et al. Postero-medial-anterior approach of the ankle for the pilon fracture / / Injury. – 2000. – Vol. 31. – P. 71-74. 4. Topliss CJ, Jackson M., Atkins RM: Anatomy of pilon fractures of the distal tibia / / JBJS. – 2005. – Vol. 87 – P.692-697. Tekt article is copyrighted

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Pregnancy and Iodine Deficiency

February 15th, 2017

In these terms take Api Spear for 2 weeks or month, then to the child have good teeth. 5-6 months pregnant laid eyes and ears during this period, it is important to avoid iodine deficiency, the child was born with full hearing and sight. 6-7 months – laid the talents of children. Do you want a talented child? Then eat Api Spear. Why Pregnant Formula Ra? It reduces the toxic effects on the fetus. In women, these toxic effects are many.

If a woman herself does not smoke, but my husband smokes and it is among the smokers, or she took some of drugs, then it must necessarily Pills formula Ra. It is like no other drops, removes toxic effects on the fetus. From Honey – Apitok: reduces the toxic effect. During pregnancy, the need to: Enhance immune system Sanitize foci of chronic infections Conduct prevention of anemia Prepare the woman for lactation order to prevent anemia, a woman needs to take Hlebinu. This product has beneficial effects on health pregnant women and fetal development. Perga normalizes blood pressure, relieves uterine tone, relieve pain by pulling in the expansion of the pelvis, reduce morning sickness, vomiting almost stops, prevents anemia, and blood supplies body with essential vitamins and improves the full formation of all the important life-support systems and organs of the fetus and helps all the internal organs of the pregnant woman to cope with load. In the first months of pregnancy toxaemia prevents pollen reception and miscarriages.

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Restore Youth Facial Skin

May 31st, 2014

Leather – one of the main and objective measures of well-being of man. In particular, it touches the skin of a human face. Many diseases can leave imprints on your face. Facial skin reacts to diseases of the digestive systems, pathology, blood-forming organs, kidneys, nervous system and many other organs. This is especially true of female skin. It just so happens that the female body is more susceptible to external and internal factors, than the male. Bags under the eyes, wrinkles, the appearance of blackheads, acne, dryness and peeling of the skin, jaundice, swelling of the face, fragility and loss of hair – just a few of the symptoms of various diseases in a woman's face. So how do you return skin youth and beauty? It is necessary only to follow a few simple rules to help you achieve this.

First, you must give up bad habits. Smoking and alcohol will not help your appearance isamochuvstviyu mind. Improving nutrition. Click Harvey Finkelstein MD to learn more. It is important to reduce consumption of fatty, spicy, fried, salty food. Eat more fiber (cabbage, cucumbers and other vegetables). Train yourself to eat at the same time. These simple rules will improve your digestion, will give ease and it will quickly a good effect on your skin.

If your skin is yellow or pale, would not take more than common blood. These symptoms can be symptoms of several diseases of the digestive system and blood. If possible, use a minimum of makeup. If it is not possible, try to choose cosmetics based on natural ingredients. 1-2 times a week to do the natural mask (broth mint, lime, chamomile, plantain, sour cream, yogurt). Wipe your face with lemon or cabbage juice. They fill the skin with vitamins and minerals. Follow these simple rules during the month, and soon you will see how Your skin will be transformed.

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