The Mobile Dog School Sets New Perspectives

April 7th, 2024

You can educate themselves by professionals to the professional mobile dog school founded in the Chiemgau region in Bavaria. 7 years before that were developing a completely new and unique method of education. Learn more on the subject from Hirotsu Bio Science. A reference to previous methods was not for us. We wanted something completely new. We have set us on the concept of suitability for daily use. This means that the dog should not pull on a leash under any circumstances no matter what comes.

In addition, he should dominate some basic commands, such as seat, place, etc. Furthermore the dog should remain, if he goes without a leash when the dog owner, unless given a command. You must send him to removal of the dog. It should be without an education, is to use of a tool (leak Alder, balli, etc.) and without motivation. Because our experience has shown that a stable pecking order can be not how we need it – based tools. Change the pecking order not in favor of the vaccinations, but the when working with treats, balli, motivation, etc.

Dog is distracted only by his intentions if it succeeds. Spoken worsen sharp commands, or the aid of educational AIDS, such as E.g. Halti Stachelhalsband, education, electric collar, etc. the binding to the holder only, because it also can be seen pressed the dog for him, or pressure. During the development phase, we had the opportunity to try out our educational method to over 2500 dogs and continues to improve. We went then to the eligible with the fully developed educational method on the market. Why you with our license system faster to success come as as “lone”: you have competitive advantages: we provide you with an extraordinary business concept and to a complete performance package. Professionally they occur 1 day: A central marketing concept elaborated by professionals assist you as a partner in building a strong brand and a good image. You have an expertise advantage from the outset: we have the concept and its viability as a Licensor in pilot plants themselves proved. Enjoy territorial protection: not a competitor with the same concept made life hard for you in your catchment area. You get everything in writing: A fair agreement and detailed documentation, in which all the know-how is documented, define the rules of the partnership. Enter a lower entrepreneurial risk. Enjoy higher credit from banks. You gain a foothold faster on the market, because the system is well known and established. They are still self-employed owner – and no command receiver, vicarious agent or even the henchmen of a corporate headquarters. You remain entrepreneurial freedom. You have less competition and a market advantage from the first day: because you will benefit from our wealth of experience, and already the established licensee. As our licensees must not null the starting start, you avoid the mistakes that others have frequently made in front of you, can.


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