April 21st, 2021

If you are like every man I know, you want to have physical contact with the woman you are interested. You should not proceed too quickly. Women show signs of interest, you should start a conversation, and then you can touch her inadvertently. A soft, subtle touch can make a woman feel comfortable with you. You reaffirm that you are a kind, meek person. The good way of starting the physical contact with a woman is accidentally touching. Any indirect contact will do, if you are standing, please close so your arms touch it, or if you’re sitting, sit quite close so that the legs are touching.

If she allows, or returns the contact, then you can continue. Once you establish your first physical contact, you must continue playing it. Learn more on the subject from dr. steven greer. It lets you know that you are definitely interested, and you don’t want to allow her to escape him. Often, men lost with women because they do not play it fairly. Men hesitate if they were playing too often, and are afraid to scare, but women think that he is not entirely interested in it. This is a simple disengagement that you can easily avoid.

Touching it. If she withdraws then you should give her a little time to get comfortable with you. You should not move forward too strong, or could offend. Take the initiative to be close, but allowing women to dictate how much, with what speed. If you feel that the chemistry between you is growing rapidly and you feel given desire to kiss her, looking deeply into his eyes. Be quite close so you can touch your cheek, and leaning against it. Wait and see his reaction. If she withdraws then it is that she is not ready to be kissed. If she returns the approach and does not pull or rejects, kissing her gently. Make sure that you do not gives a kiss wet, muddy. Women hate that! If a woman wants to be kissed, she shall be positioned in front of you. Knowing when to begin physical contact simply, or when to kiss her, she needs practice. You can practice with any person inadvertently throughout the day, but is good practice with women.

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