December 5th, 2017

The one of the key level it will be used when causality in the acquisition or maintenance of the addiction exists, Charlie (anxiety before its social incapacities is committed) with his pair, its friendly and with his therapist to work this level it stops to be able to surpass it. Finally the one of the maximum impact that is used in complicated cases of addiction, where the implication of multiple levels like cause, effect or maintenance of the conduct of addictive are evident; in this case the interventions will be varied with the purpose of to secure the maximum impact, and it is applied of sinrgica form instead of sequential. We imagine that Charlie had problems with the addiction to the alcohol 7 years ago. From this hypothesis, according to this theory the passages from their conduct of risk to their conduct of health would be: Precontemplacin: At that time Charlie did not assume to have a conduct of risk with its health and it did not have intention to change his addictive behavior to the alcohol, whose ingestion was in 1/4 liter of daily wine in meals and 1 or 2 alcohol glasses of high degree (40) from the dusk until it was going away to sleep; therefore, it does not see risk nor problems for his health. Source: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. It ignores the benefits of not continuing with this conduct of risk, having a greater perception on the barriers practices, feeling demoralized against their capacity to change and do not want to think about it. When its Mathew friendly, Phoebe, and their Mnica pair indicates to him that its ingestion is excessive, perhaps it is settled in Charlie a questioning on the matter; it is through these personal relations of aid when the motivation for the change or decision making takes place. Thus it is introduced a process of change through an increase of awareness so that its capacity of perception of the negative aspects is increased on its health and the impact (evaluation) in its interpersonal relations. .


Buenos Aires

March 4th, 2017

Recurdese as the Nation of Buenos Aires emphasizes the newspaper: The poverty is the situation that makes difficult to satisfy elementary needs with the people: the feeding, the right to the worthy house, the health. If billions of people live in the world just by a dollar, it will be included/understood that the deficit reaches overwhelming proportions and puts under the sixth part of the humanity to the starvation almost. That is the call level of poverty, whose presence horrifies to any brings back to consciousness normal and must mobilize the shared in common spirits in order to obtain, with intelligence and decency, the overcoming of the aberrant pictures of social inequality to that it gives rise. Perhaps check out Dr. Steven Greer for more information. Nothing is obtained with rhetorical and empty phrases of contents. He is indispensable to pose the correct questions on the reasons by as the poverty and the poverty, instead of to back down or to find docks of effective containment, tends to expand, mainly in regions like deep Africa and Latin America. The high cost of the life is a certain fact in the country, many do not have the monetary capacity to acquire foods that every time are increased in their costs, the basic basket happens to be a luxury for many people of the low class and even for the middle-class. Dr. Stuart M. McGill brings even more insight to the discussion. To go from purchase to a supermarket is a luxury for many, mainly, when to to deposit the merchandise of the carts before the boxes where it is pleased, are observed as the cost of the acquired thing is highest for those who counts on a family to whom to sustain. To all this the high cost is added of visiting a doctor, where unfortunately many make of their profession a business, and only by the high value of the consultation they discriminate against who they are disabled to cover with those prices, condemning them to if they are wanted to cure to go to the hospitals public, where there is guarantee of a good no service, attention, that it helps him to solve his problem. .

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Enterprising Spirit

January 17th, 2014

In this occasion I would like platicarte on which many people would wish to have and those have who it or we have, sometimes we do not know that to do with. I have read some books that speak on the importance of having an enterprising spirit at the time of wanting to be industralist and to establish the bases for a new business, good then dejame I comment my experience to you. God has given the blessing me (sometimes), of being an enterprising person in all the extension of the word. During my almost 40 years you I can comment everything what I have undertaken: * Sale of timesharings * Article Sale of cleaning * Candy Sale * Sale of insurances, credit cards, check accounts * Sale of you measure * Sauce Sale and condiments * sticky tape Sale * nutrition product Sale, as much tablets, as drunk * I have participated in network marketing or multilevel * I have promoted telephone lines by Internet * I have sold orange juice in botellitas of 500 ml in a cruise in the street * Story with a company of coaching of businesses and they are had to me been a great one I number of businesses and ideas in the way that not yet I have put in practice. I believe that already you can see a little which I talk about that not always the best thing is to have an enterprising spirit the unique things that have been constant in my life, are my wife and to be in area of sales worries handcuffs it that being so money changer, is going someday it to change her.

jajaja. In my experience we must have a combination of entrepreneur with implementador and follower Meaning that must look for to be constant in some of the ideas that we undertake or to look for teammates of work which they can help us with the pursuit. For all the people who like I, jump very quickly from an idea to another one, I suggest to them realise a plan of businesses or an action plan, in which they are committed to obtain certain goals and not to turn aside itself of its plan until obtaining them I like much to make the analogy of the ready for sowing one, when your sowings some seed, you must hope to obtain the fruits, since at the time of seeding it does not have nor it plants at least, then when the plantita is born, has that to take care of it and later with time arrives the fruit At the people who are like I, we do not give time him to the idea that enraize and is possible to be born the plantita that is going to bear the fruits to us. Then to develop to patience sera also a good one practices for all the people who identify themselves with me. Several books exist in the bookstores that speak on like staying focused.

What there is past to me, it is that still I do not finish the book and I am already reading another one, jajaja. It is a serious thing. I wish best and dejame you your message to know that I am not the unique hardened enterprising crazy person who does not manage to finish nothing or very not much. A hug and until next original Author and source of the article.


The Fear

December 28th, 2012

Learns to handle the fear: in the majority of the occasions the fear is originated in your thoughts and these they bring about a be in favor to you of anguish and of consequence stress. You can reduce it to the fear replacing the negative or disagreeable thoughts by images that they tranquilize to you, positive thoughts, that cause that your body begins to relax. Something recommendable is that cheers now. Humor: It includes whenever you can humor and the enthusiasm to your life, a pinch of humor, laughter and enthusiasm will to a great extent contribute to dominate your stress. The laughter and the good humor will improve the relations with the people who surround and in a situation by stop stress to you, humor or the laughter will really lower your high levels of stress.

When DES tells you that these extremely estresada deal with acordarte of something funny, of a joke or something that causes that you ***reflx mng yourself. Humor always will cause that you see the situations from a different perspective. As it were said in previous articles, stress will be in your life and is inevitable, but also you can fight it. It tries to follow these advice, if you see that you have some symptom of stress, you do not leave advance until the point to explode, as rapidly as possible detects the cause by which you feel thus and implements the method that pleases to lower you more to the levels of stress in your body and mind, this will do that benefits every day of your life. It would enchant to know your opinion to me, I invite to you to share this article with friendly or relatives who can be seen beneficiaries with the information. Original author and source of the article.



November 12th, 2012

Other times we pause by laziness, lack of faith, surrounded lack of energy or in a negative energy. In we developed techniques to harness the action of the floral energies, those remedies of the soul. Many people resorting to the Seth of Bach decide to take Gentian to fight the failure experience, to avoid the sadness, and to forget the hopelessness. To resort to Gentian is right but to aspire to be generated an amnesia with regard to which it has felt is to aspire to a loss. My recommendation is: It does not aspire to the forgetfulness. It never rejects what is his or what was directed to you.

It is worth the pain to have it and to retain it. Nonsubject to the emotions that can bring. The emotions are made to feel said them Bach, are the thermostat of their life, the compass will guide that it well. Their spiritual advisors, their inner guides speak to him clearly to you by means of emotions, sensations, feelings, symptoms. He is worth the pain to learn his language. He does when it he will not take in noticing that to silence them never it is an intelligent measurement.

The face of the failure can to be its solitude of today, a closed banking account, to sleep all the morning because the work is had lost, the disappointment in case she were victim of a swindle. This is the face that is to reject itself and must know that it is a temp face that can recompose as the semblante fallen with a good diet or the rest recomposes. This thought will abrir the doors to him to the idea of future success. It aspires to surpass itself, aspires to discover the gold nuggets that will appear with the study of their failure. An objective and responsible study that does not have much to do with remembering of an car-indulgent way.